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From: Flammie Pirinen <flammie@g.o>
To: gentoo-doc@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-doc] [RFC] Marking unmaintained documents
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 01:14:03
Message-Id: 20050909041321.3e93f7eb@pingviinilohhari
In Reply to: [gentoo-doc] [RFC] Marking unmaintained documents by "Jan Kundrát"
2005-09-08, Jan Kundrát sanoi, jotta:

> a) Third party article > b) Older Handbook
I really think that these could be done with static note inserted in the code, because whatever program logic you could be thinking for them it will always be multiple order more complex than needed. If you want something easily automagically translatable you could introduce something like <thirdparty/> and <obsolete/> empty (replaced) elements in style of <license/>, no?
> c) Translation in language which is not officially supported
I wouldn't do anything with this, unless it intersects with d). I mean, why would we need to tell our users that otherwise up-to-date document should not be trusted to, just because the related translation team is not organized with proper bureaucratic structure.
> d) Outdated translation
This is one really required improvement of this proposal, but it relates to bigger part of desperately needed accessibility improvements in whole translation system anyways. One of the biggest problems I get reported for Finnish docs is that finding the corresponding English doc is PITA (not everyone is comfortable with hacking the address line of browser, after all). What would really be needed to solve situation (and has been asked by community a thousand times) is language negotiation of translated documents, and because of how language negotiation algorithm works, it could easily be modified to take outdatedness of translation in to account as qs-value, this way we could serve up-to-date enough version to user in language he understands even if it isn't native language or English. Of course on top of that we still do really need full interlanguage linking web for all documents, and not just the for two index pages we have. After these basics are in order, we might want to start looking in to peeking original versions of document to see how up to date it is. By the way, why can't this be done same way as in overview.xml? Because AFAICS metadoc.xml in Finnish, for example, has only link to either English or Finnish version, so the xslt must use some logic to fetch english versions here, no? And if the logic is to pull the stuff from English metadoc by matching id, shouldn't we then just resolve this by adding a matching id to the root elements of the documents, which is something that from semantic pov should've been done from beginning on already. Of course this'd add overhead of loading (document()ing?) the metadoc for all pageloads... -- Flammie, Gentoo Linux Documentation's Finnish head translator. <> -- gentoo-doc@g.o mailing list


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