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From: Chris PeBenito <pebenito@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-embedded] IRC Meeting
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 02:48:19
IRC meeting for Embedded Gentoo

2000 UTC next Sunday (Nov. 23) in #gentoo-embedded on

The primary purpose is to iron out and finalize the planning so we can
really get started.  We also want to get more people directly involved. 
I know its not the greatest time, but I tried to make it reasonable for
people as many as possible.  I encourage everyone to attend.  Afterward,
we'll post the complete IRC log.

On the agenda, here's what we see immediately in front of us, in terms
of work:

1. Cross Compilers (Kumba)
2. Toolchain, esp uClibc stuff (solar)
3. Portage: ibuild vs. portage, need to iron out all the stuff we're not
sure about, profiles, ROOT=, chroot for building, etc.
4. Baselayout-lite: either cut down the current baselayout or put
together a baselayout-lite
5. Handhelds: ebuilds for opie/gpe/stuff like that along with ebuilds
for along with other stuff for iPAQ hardware support

After the agenda items, we'll open it up for general discussion.

On a side note, obviously we're going to be recruiting more people to
work on the project.  Generally speaking, asking to become a dev is
usually bad form.  We're looking for people with ability, but also for
people that are willing to be invested in the project, and can function
in team.  We're not asking that you ignore your real life
responsibilities, but to be around a reasonable amount of time, for
contributing, taking bugs, etc.  We don't want people to disappear all
of a sudden.  But those who don't become developers, don't worry; we'll
still take contributions.  So for those who really interested in
becoming devs, the best way is, if possible, to be in the IRC channel,
speak up, and contribute :)

Chris PeBenito
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