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From: "Peter S. Mazinger" <ps.m@×××.net>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] X server on minimal system
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 03:58:11
Message-Id: Pine.LNX.4.44.0510030835580.17257-100000@lnx.bridge.intra
In Reply to: [gentoo-embedded] X server on minimal system by Joe Sapp
On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Joe Sapp wrote:

> --[PinePGP]--------------------------------------------------[begin]-- > I'm trying to get an X server running on a minimal system built from a > stage3 uclibc tarball.
hardened / non-hardened stage3?
> I think I've taken all the necessary steps, but I
which ?
> keep getting errors like: > > Elf_RelocateEntry() Unsupported relocation type 4 > Elf_RelocateEntry() Unsupported relocation type 9 > Elf_RelocateEntry() Unsupported relocation type 3
binutils version (maybe gcc too) ? these are relocations related to PIE/PIC ( hardened gcc used? )
> ... > Symbol _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ from module /usr/lib/modules/fonts/libbitmap.a > is unresolved!
bad for you, your build env seems to be broken
> Elf_RelocateEntry() Unsupported relocation type 10 > > Here's some relevant info: > USE="bitmap-fonts dlloader truetype-fonts type1-fonts uclibc" (have tried > most combinations of all of these - always with uclibc on).
uclibc in USE is obsoleted (this was replaced by elibc_uclibc, but does not have to be added to USE - "autodetected" - )
> Kernel is 2.6.11-hardened-r15 (All types of binaries are supported - it's > the only thing I can think of that's relevant that could cause these errors). > xorg-x11-6.8.2-r5
what kernel headers are installed and if you switched from headers 2.4 to 2.6, have you also rebuilt at least uclibc?
> > I've read some mention of people on this list getting X to work - mind > sharing some wisdom? Do I have any other options in terms of X servers?
X works, you have a problem generally with your build environment. a. IIRC the stages are built w/ kernel-headers-2.4, if you want to use 2.6, it would be better to start from stage1 and rebuild everything b. haven't tested current hardened stage3, but if I would want hardened uClibc freshly installed, I would also start from a stage1. To check why I say b. run (consider adding all the dirs from your PATH to the command below) file /bin/* /usr/bin/* /sbin/* /usr/sbin/* | grep ELF | grep -v 'shared object' The listed files (executables) should all be static binaries, if they are not, the packages providing those files were not built hardened.
> (kdrive seems to give the same result, but I'm currently trying again.)
kdrive is obsoleted (at least IMHO), try maybe the modular-X (emerge xorg-server), package masked. Peter -- Peter S. Mazinger <ps dot m at gmx dot net> ID: 0xA5F059F2 Key fingerprint = 92A4 31E1 56BC 3D5A 2D08 BB6E C389 975E A5F0 59F2 -- gentoo-embedded@g.o mailing list