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From: "René Rhéaume" <rene.rheaume@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-embedded@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-embedded] Building a mini desktop on uclibc
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 01:51:01
1 I am trying to build a mini desktop on a uclibc-based system. At
2 first, I tried to get XFCE running but got into serious GTK+ issues, I
3 broke ncurses during an update and had to start over. With this in
4 mind, I separated the plan into three phases, get the smallest desktop
5 with a basic set of applications, add applications and build other
6 desktop environments (neither GNOME nor KDE, as they are very big).
8 Basic applications:
9 - window manager: IceWM, patched to removed dependency on iconv
10 (bug #101032)
11 - X11 terminal: patched rxvt and rxvt-uncode (bug #104043)
12 - text editor: nedit
13 - PDF reader: patched xpdf (dependency reduction, TrueType
14 auto-hinting, experimental shared library reducing dramatically the
15 binary size (tbz2 went from 2594Kb to 650Kb))
16 - IRC client: nebula and BitchX (~x86, no RPATHS please)
17 - file manager: patched xplore (bug #106132)
18 - web browser
19 - music player
21 The web browser issue is pretty interesting. Dillo heavily depends on
22 the system iconv, something a Gentoo stable uclibc 0.9.27 does not
23 provide. On the other hand, Gecko has its own iconv code but almost
24 all Mozilla-based applications depend on GTK+. I would like to have
25 minimo.
27 As for the music player, I cannot use neither beep-media-player nor
28 xmms, as they depend on GTK+. GTK+ 1.2 "hello world" programs I found
29 in the GTK+ tutorial simply segfault. Cursed GNU's Not Unix Image
30 Manipulation Program Tool Kit Plus.
32 Do you have alternative program suggestions? How can I fix GTK?
34 --
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