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From: "Raúl Porcel" <armin76@g.o>
To: gentoo-embedded@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-embedded] New stages available for arm/sh
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 10:46:47
1 The Gentoo embedded team would like to announce that we will be
2 automatically building and releasing stages for ARM and SuperH/SH. We
3 hope these stages will help out people interested in developing embedded
4 linux applications.
6 On the ARM side, we are currently releasing stages for the following CHOSTs:
8 * arm-unknown-linux-gnu (old ABI, in progress)
9 * armv4l-unknown-linux-gnu (old ABI, in progress)
10 * armv4tl-softfloat-linux-gnueabi (EABI)
11 * armv5tel-softfloat-linux-gnueabi (EABI)
13 On the SuperH/SH side, we are currently releasing stages for the
14 following processors:
16 * sh4
17 * sh4a
19 The stages are available under the /releases/arm/autobuilds directory
20 for ARM and /releases/sh/autobuilds for SH at your favorite mirror.
22 Because building stages for these architectures takes a while, we plan
23 on releasing stages on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you would like
24 to talk about Gentoo on those architectures, please join us on
25 #gentoo-embedded @
27 We would like to thank QNAP Inc.[1] and Marvell Technology Group[2] for
28 providing us with support and hardware for ARM based chips. However we
29 would like to expand our ARM support to the armv6 and armv7 processors.
30 If you or your company can provide us with some hardware we would
31 greatly appreciate it. Please contact the Gentoo ARM team if you or your
32 company are able to assist us.
34 We would like to also thank Renesas Technology Corp.[3] who has
35 graciously provided us hardware and support for the SuperH platform.
37 [1]
38 [2]
39 [3]