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Subject: [gentoo-embedded] GPS board
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 21:06:20
Hello Gentoo-embedded world,

Well, I just had my Garmin 1490T die
and it's only 2 years old. (a little bit
hacked off about this, as the unit was well
cared for.

So, I'm looking at options to build/hack a
GPS device, combined with some sort of
embedded gentoo friendly Tablet.

I'm thinking of multiple channels
of audio output so it is a 5.1 mp3 player too,
for a boat or a RV or an car. Mobile so it can
be moved between vehicles with a quick connect
to sensors and speakers.

Previously, I have stumbled across sites
where folks have started developing street,
wilderness and near shore maps for marine
navigation. I have not formally researched
open source mapping efforts, so any feedback
on that issue is keenly welcome.

Any discussion, or recommendations on an
open source project, I could build upon
would be keen. Such things and GPS rf
chip solutions, audio chips, SOC (that run
embedded linux easily, dev boards from
semiconductor companies, open source boards
(with e_gentoo already installed, etc etc.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome too,
as I do not want to reinvent the wheel
if is not necessary!



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