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From: "Peter S. Mazinger" <ps.m@×××.net>
To: gentoo-embedded@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-embedded] Some comments on uclibc-buildroot ebuild
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 14:30:02
Message-Id: Pine.LNX.4.44.0402011440580.19526-200000@lnx.bridge.intra

1. the pie-option patch enforces COMPLETELY_PIC (because it is unsettable 
from .config), both occurences can be removed
2. use etdyn should change to use pie, and it is mandatory due to the fact 
that if PROFILING is active, libc has text relocations, and won't work 
with the current settings (FORCE_SHAREABLE_TEXT_SEGMENTS). The other way 
would be to remove COMPLETELY_PIC as requirement from 
FORCE_SHAREABLE_TEXT_SEGMENTS (it is unused in the sources, I have 
alreaddy proposed it to the uclibc devs), than 
FORCE_SHAREABLE_TEXT_SEGMENTS can be set through .config (and the 
pie-option patch has to be slightly modified)
the PROFILING option could also be moved to use debug.
3. the DOWNLOAD_LOCALE_PREGENERATED_DATA it first set to no (this is OK), 
after that changed. If you copy the tarball to extra/locale dir, than it 
is not needed to be downloaded, so I propose to leave it unset, and use it 
for x86. If you do not use the pregenerated data, then I had problems 
building them within an rpm-build. It works though from the commandline. I 
think, the background processing through rpm (this could influence gentoo 
building too) is somehow the problem and it segfaults.
4. if you want to build your own data, then LOCALES has to be copied to 
5. if you unset UCLIBC_HAS_LOCALE, then all the other related options are 
unset (XLOCALE, etc)
6. the pie-option patch is applied again in src_compile

See attached diff to show what I have all meant.


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