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From: Dominique Broeglin <broeglin@××××.fr>
To: gentoo-embedded@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] GNAP and DOM
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 20:16:09
Message-Id: 1121458505.11944.15.camel@anubis
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-embedded] GNAP and DOM by Robin Bonin
Le vendredi 15 juillet 2005 à 11:14 -0500, Robin Bonin a écrit :
> What version did you use? > I'm using 2.13 > > what exactly does syslinux do? anything I can do manually >
The version I use is SYSLINUX 1.76 2002-08-27 Syslinux is a bootloader like LILO or GRUB. It's purpose is to boot the system, find the linux kernel and launch it. It's a light and specifically designed for FAT file systems. When you execute syslinux /dev/hdx the device is prepared to launch syslinux at boot time. If you want to do it manually you have to execute that command. Remember that syslinux uses the file syslinux.cfg (at the root of the msdos partition) as a boot time configuration. Sorry, I don't know more about it and I never quite diagnosed the issue with it and my soekris. But I had the same issue with LEAF Bering. Alternatively, you can try it's "-s" option. -- Dominique Broeglin -- gentoo-embedded@g.o mailing list