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Subject: [gentoo-embedded] [embedded] first step in programming geode target
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 20:51:23
1 Dear users,
3 It's my first step to program a embedded system.
4 It's a industrial PC with a compact flash. On this compact flash, I put
5 uclibc + busybox.
6 So, I think, it is not a cross-development.
8 Until now, I program on DOS system with a IDE like BORLAND CPP.
9 I think, it is not possible to use such IDE on linux under a terminal
10 session ( so without using X, KDE, Gnome ).
12 I read, that CODE::blocks is a good IDE.
13 My question :
14 - Do I install the GNOME, X Windows or KDE for using CODE::block ? What is
15 the best ?
16 - For my target, I use uclibc. Must I install code block under my CHOST (
17 where I install uclibc ). Or maybee it is not necessary.
18 - In this case, must I configure CODE::block to use uclibc ?
19 -Is it something important to configure in MAKE.CONF ?
20 - my target is a Industrial PC with a GEODE processor.
21 I know, it is a lot of questions
22 Is it a document, where I can find what I can use and how to configure ?
23 Thanks again for your help.
24 Regards
25 Eric
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