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Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] gcc-4.6 / bionic
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 15:19:57
1 There is currently no connection to Linaro. Its just "for fun" and kind of experimental.
3 I gave a talk on ‎Gentoo Bionic at ELC in February and will be setting up a github repo whenever I have some time for the toolchain, rather than keeping it on Google code.
5 One thing I've identified is that there are really 2 routes that might be actually independent.
7 1) using Gentoo Prefix to have a Gentoo install atop of Android. Someone else has already done this recently - saw it on G+)‎. This is really the route for people who would still like to use their Android system but who would also like to emerge packages on top of it in a separate sysroot.
9 One issue with the toolchain is that definitions in portage itself (/usr/portage/profiles) needs to be modified in order to ‎use bionic instead of glibc, which means that a simple overlay will not work until Gentoo includes those definitions upstream in portage. Bit of a chicken / egg problem.
11 2) using ‎bionic as the system libc a) with the Android-normal prefix of /system, which is compatible with Android, and b) using the gentoo-normal prefix of /usr which is incompatible with Android. I'm personally aiming for b.
13 ‎In either case, a rather large set of patches need to be maintained just to get things to properly compile against bionic until the bionic headers behave "normally" - e.g. order of includes, conditional defines, conditional includes, include_next, etc. "Proper" (expected) behaviour of libc headers affects virtually everything that uses GNU autotools.
15 I'll probably maintain a separate github ‎repo for this overlay.
17 Hope that helps.
19 C
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26 Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] gcc-4.6 / bionic
28 I know this is old:
30 On 04/06/11 10:52, Christopher Friedt wrote:
31 > Also... an important couple of features:
32 >
33 > TLS works on certain hardware (e.g. with hardware supported tls, like
34 > armv7a), but not on all architectures, like in GNU [1], [2]. It's
35 > probably better to blanket-disable this for now via a portage profile
36 > variable.
37 >
38 > SMP does not currently work OOTB. There are some patches floating
39 > around[3], with issues that mainly lie outside of bionic, but I the
40 > 'official' SMP code will be available whenever Honeycomb is
41 > released[4] ... which is of course whenever Google decides to do
42 > release Honeycomb.
43 >
44 > C
45 >
46 > [1]
47 > [2]
48 > [3]
49 > [4]
52 What the latest with you and BIONIC.....
53 LINARO connection?
56 curiously,
57 James (embedded Gentoo)


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