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Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] Audio on a 486
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 13:50:49
Message-Id: 1140529803.27169.132.camel@onyx
In Reply to: [gentoo-embedded] Audio on a 486 by Joe Sapp
On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 23:09 -0500, Joe Sapp wrote:
> Hi all, > > I've built a system using a uclibc stage1 tarball with the intention > of only running dropbear, boa, and some audio player on an old 486. > So far, it boots and I've got mplayer running using alsa as the audio > driver, but the audio is choppy at best (I've tried other audio > players with the same result). It isn't caught up on buffering or > anything like that, just seems that the processor is "too slow" (but > I've played audio on it before when it ran Windows 95). First, I > tried lowering the output sample rate, but that didn't fix anything. > I then switched to the OSS driver, which yielded some progress, but it > still remains choppy.
got the CHOST= set at i486? I'm not totally shocked if you don't have decent audio. The i486 lacked mmx instructions iirc and a lot of the x86 audio code I've come by at gentoo depends on mmx or you end up with very generic routines. Try doing a little -Os -> -O[1-3] optimizations.
> After doing some searches, it seems that I might have to fiddle with > the DMA settings of my audio card (an ALS100 ISA card). Can anybody > give me a suggestion on what I can try other than this or how to do > something like this in the first place? >
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