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From: Daniel <dragonheart@×××××××.au>
To: gentoo-embedded@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-embedded] uclibc buildroot ebuild progress / meeting reminder/ call for volunteers
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 08:42:43
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On the eave of the big gentoo embedded meet (2000 UTC Sunday (Nov. 23) in 
#gentoo-embedded on that I'm unfortunately unable to 
attend I though I'd give a bit of a mental dump as to where I'm at in 
developing a uclibc toolchain (bug 29312).


I'm makeing an ebuild for the buildroot project listed in This 
makes a customised version of binutils (binutils-, gcc 
(gcc-3.3.2) and the uclibc (0.9.23) specifically for embedded cross 
compiling. Once I get this working I'll get a gcc-config profile created for 
it so we can start making some applications.

This project also has the ability to create (as the name suggests) - a full 
embedded root file system and a number of applications (listed below):

cramfsroot     gcc-3.3         less           mke2fs        pppd          ttcp 
autoconf    customize      gdb             libfloat       ncurses       
raidtools     uclibc automake    dhcp_relay     gdbserver       libglib12      
netkitbase    rxvt          udhcp bash        diffutils      gettext         
libtool        netkittelnet  sed           user-mode-linux berkeleydb  
dropbear_sshd  grep            links          netsnmp       sfdisk        
util-linux binutils    ed             gzip            linux          newt          
slang         valgrind bison       ext2root       hostap          lrzsz          
ntp           socat         vtun boa         fakeroot       hotplug         
ltp-testsuite  openssh       strace        wtools bridge      file           
iproute2        m4             openssl       system-linux  zlib busybox     
findutils      iptables        make           patch         tar bzip2       
flex           jffs2root       microcom       pciutils      tinylogin ccache      
gawk           jpeg            microwin       pcmcia        tinyx coreutils   
gcc-2.95       kernel-headers  mkdosfs        perl          tn5250

Which is going to be a great source when the "application domain" phase of the 
projec is entered.


Just debugging away, making sure the ebuild conforms to the gentoo way 
(layout, ebuild functionionality, use flags ...). Coming across a few 
environment related problems. It seems to work ok compiling from the cvs 
snapshot so I'm hacking away getting it to work from an ebuild. No major 
problems just one by one showing there face. If your intested in testing this 
when it gets reasonably stable add your name to the 29312 bug http:// and maybe a comment as to the 
architecture you want to test it on.


On speaking to devs on #gentoo-embedded I've noticed a lot of people who are 
making this work don't have hardware to fully test this on (myself included). 
So can anyone who has embedded hardware please write email to here giving the 
following details:

1. What specific hardware you have?
2. What your interest in the gentoo-embedded project (pda / embedded firewall 
routers / kiosk applications.....etc....)?
3. Say your very keen to debug any ebuilds ;-)
4. Give your opinions and general ideas 

I've spoken to one or two people on IRC wanting to help but realy not much 
idea how to contribute.

1. Look at the agenda that Chris emailed on the 17 November 03 12:18 pm. Think 
about the issues and ...
2. Turn up to the IRC meet listed above
3. Give a dump of your ideas, listen to others
4. Volunteer to do stuff and get this project running.
5. practice writing ebuilds - there are a lot of application that will need 
adaptation to run on embedded processors.

Have a good day/night and I'll catch you round.

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