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Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] frontend needed to make Gentoo/embedded a viability
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 00:51:11
In Reply to: [gentoo-embedded] frontend needed to make Gentoo/embedded a viability by Mike Frysinger
1 Mike Frysinger wrote:
2 > so i was tooling along the road thinking about what it would take for people
3 > to sit down and use Gentoo/embedded for the target ... currently we have misc
4 > ways of doing this by hand (install mask/etc...), but it tends to be error
5 > prone and it requires the end user to know more than they should about the
6 > portage environment
7 >
8 > what would help here is a frontend ... something like uClinux or Open Embedded
9 > where a menu system allows the user to select the packages to install into
10 > the target image and when they're done, they simply type 'make' ... wait a
11 > bit and they're left with images that they can take and flash onto the target
12 > board
13 >
14 > so really, a friendly frontend for the user to select the characteristics of
15 > the system, and then a backend to take that config and use emerge to build
16 > everything and generate an image ... would make it easy to create stock board
17 > descriptions too ...
18 >
19 > what do you guys think ? stupid idea ? good idea waiting for a champion ?
20 > -mike
22 Good idea.
24 You should take a look at LTIB. It operates very similar to
25 'make menuconfig' and covers several different platforms (arm,
26 ppc, coldfire) and could be extended to support many more
27 processors and BSPs (board Support Packages).
28 It's functionality might give you some ideas on a more general
29 purpose gui/menu system to support embedded-gentoo on
30 a variety of platforms. Even if you find a reason or two
31 not to use LTIB, looking at LTIB might give you some ideas
32 and code snippets......
34 The concept of making the package somewhat similar to
35 'make menuconfig' is very compelling and very comfortable
36 to build images and boot new boards.
38 It is open source:GPL:
48 Regardless of which way embedded-gentoo goes, a gui/menu
49 system to unify all/most of the methods/packages/images is
50 a good idea. Organizations and projects that look
51 organized attract more members (& funding). Using a gui/menu
52 system for embedded-gentoo will make it look much more
53 mature as an embedded choice, in my opinion.
56 hth,
57 James
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