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Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] Bootloader for Embedded System
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 11:17:00
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-embedded] Bootloader for Embedded System by Ned Ludd
Okay, now Lilo loads the first stage and returns the error-code 99. The 
man-page contains a paragraph containing the error codes:
	99  invalid second stage index sector
and a detailed description:
"... Errors 99 and 9A usually mean the map file (-m or map=) is not 
readable, likely because LILO was not re-run after some system change, 
or there is   a geometry mis-match between what LILO used (lilo -v3 to 
display) and what is actually being used by the BIOS (one of the lilo 
diagnostic disks, available in the source distribution, may be needed to 
diagnose this problem). ..."

But how can I get the right device-map needed for my embedded system? I 
tried to create a CF card with the diagnostic disks data (writing on CF 
instead of wirting to /dev/sd0) but the system doesn't even boot with 
this CF-Card.


Ned Ludd wrote:
> I always used lilo for this task. I found grub to be way to problematic > and BIG. On x86 I'd chroot into the CF and run lilo. It can be tricky > and a tad confusing at times till you make that mental map of where the > devices live. Note be careful or you could end up killing the wrong > boot sector or device. > > My CF was my /dev/sdb but CF is IDE so I needed a conf like this. > > > The kernel got installed to sdb1->hda1 and sdb2->hda2 was used as the > ROOT file system. > > I also used these two scripts to speed up the task. > > (Format the CF) > > > (Copy the FS to flash and run the bootloader) > > > .. good luck. > > > > On Tue, 2006-03-28 at 11:37 +0200, Lutz Schönemann wrote: > >>Hi, >>I'm trying to get Linux running on a x86 embedded-system (Panel PC >>"Atlas"). The os should be loaded from a CF-Card (CF-Card reader is >>onboard and bootable). My current problem with it is that I don't know >>how to get a bootloader installed on a CF-Card. >>I have a Gentoo-Box (Toshiba Laptop) compiled for i386. The CF-Card is >>connected via USB. When ever I install a bootloader on the CF-Card a >>Dell laptop is able to boot from it but the embedded system doesn't do >>it. It seems to be the problem that the two BIOS differ to much from >>each other. >>How can I install a bootloader that works on other hardware (with >>different BIOS)? >> >>Someone told me to build a very small kernel and put that into the >>master boot record (must be smaller than 446 bytes). How can I do this? >>I have deactivated nearly all features, compiled everything as module >>that could be build as module but the kernel size is 627k !?! >> >>For more information on the hardware: >> >> >>there is a link to the data sheet (Datenblatt) >> >>Thanks for help >> >>-- >>Lutz Schönemann >> >>Addr: Fraunhofer Institut für Sichere Informations Technologie SIT >> Rheinstrasse 75, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany >>WWW: >> >>Zertifizierungen in der FhG:
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