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From: "Peter S. Mazinger" <ps.m@×××.net>
To: gentoo-embedded@g.o
Cc: solar@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-embedded] some uClibc experience
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:34:11

I'm new to gentoo(and -embedded). I have built on x86 successfully the 
attached list of packages (based on Redhat's rawhide releases) against 
uClibc-0.9.2[0-2], all RPMS. If the used patches are needed (and the 
spec-files), I would provide them (sorry, the src.rpm's are not 
downloadable, I am behind an analog modem ;-( ). The main problems where 
NIS,PAM,NLS and some functions missing (not required by SUSv3). The 
packages are not used (yet) on a production system.

I've also got a patch for uClibc from the PaX team, to make it possible to 
use ET_DYN binaries (pax version, not -pie), but do not have the knowledge 
to correct it (if the correction is done, the developers would include it 
into uClibc), so hardened-embedded support would work too (I use kernels 
patched with grsec-1.x, 2.x would be no problem, the PaX part is the 
same, no experience with lsm/selinux and 2.6 kernels).

There are problems building some of the binaries with propolice enabled 
gcc, mainly the .hidden support in binutils has to be "hidden" from gcc, 
but as I can see (read), the glibc version does not work flawlessly 

Some (earlier) ideas (or from other gentoo-* lists)
1. UPX works too (I have built 1.91-cvs), the compression is not so good, 
as with prebuilt binaries (NRV is not free), but works also on kernel 
images (bzImage)

2. As I have read on the gentoo-dev list, there are many against splitting 
the packages in subpackages. For this project it is a "must have it", like 
what ibuild tries to do (if I interpreted it correctly), Bering does it 

3. The uClibc toolchain is not uptodate, but the buildroot is already used 
by the developers themselves to create development images, so the infos on 
cross-building are there and tested already. This is the path I go too, if 
uClibc becomes binary incompatible. I build first the target development 
environment, then chroot into it and rebuild rpm, after that rebuilding 
all other packages.

4. My preference would be to replace sysvinit stuff (I think included in
baselayout) with some other init (runit, minit, simpleinit, twsinit) to 
have better dependency handling in the startup scripts, also allowing
parallel startup of services.

5. -Os would be better to be default for embedded (instead of -O2) (seen 
in the embedded profile)


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