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From: Mihir Sevak <mihir.sevak@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-embedded@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-embedded] GNAP Question
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 04:35:54
1 Hello everybody,
2 I am really hopeful to get a response... I have a very specific
3 problem and also it is very specific with the hardware.
5 My system looks something like....
7 1. Hardware:
8 a. Multiple intel processors each of which is dual core.
9 b. Each processor is 64 bit processor and Hyper threading
10 is supported
11 c. I am using SMP feature of Linux Kernel too.
13 The objective is to generate a Network Appliance Kernel to support
14 this Hardware configuration.
16 2. Software :
17 a. My portage is created using GNAP_MAKE all with the option -o
18 pointing to our portage tree on the host system.
19 b. Attached is a file of my kernel.config in my myspecs directory
20 c. Also i have added kernel depended modules to Live CD
21 such as... Beastile(for security), bridge-utils
22 (for network specific requirements)
23 d. In use section of my liveCD i have added SSL, threads, mmx, nptl
24 and nptlonly
27 Now let me talk about my problems
29 --> Unfortunately I have not been able to complete Stage-3, due to
30 errors in Catalyst
31 mostly related to kernel versioning problem in ebuild and several
32 emerge errors.
34 --> Obviously i am doing something wrong so, can you please
35 explicitely suggest a pathway
36 If someone can guide me through a step by step(procedure to create
37 a liveCD)
38 i would really appreciate it.
40 Thanks in advance
41 --
42 "How can anything be impossible when impossible itself says I M Possible???"
43 Mihir
44 --
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