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From: "Amadeusz Żołnowski" <aidecoe@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-genkernel] Genkernel / Dracut / ZFS, where to start?
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 19:50:21
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In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-genkernel] Genkernel / Dracut / ZFS, where to start? by Zachary Bedell
Hello Zac,

Please follow 72 columns standard in e-mail. :-)

Regarding mdev, it was not even taken into account when writing Dracut.
It is very possible that issues arise in such a combination.

I haven't reviewed your code yet, but from what you've described, seems
to be great work!  When I find some more time, I'll review the code and
think how it's best to import it.  Please also contact Alexey Shvetsov
<alexxy@g.o>.  He's working on bringing ZFS to Gentoo.  I'm
CC'ing this reply to him.  (That's why I'm top-posting, don't beat me

Thank you for sharing your work and such a good summary!


Excerpts from Zachary Bedell's message of Sun Jul 03 22:37:18 +0200 2011:
> Alas, here I am self-replying a few hours later... > > I figured out how to get everything running properly with the Dracut > initramfs, though I'm afraid I'm stuck at the 6th stage of debugging > [1] on this one... My system didn't have udev set to start at any > runlevel. Adding it to boot made everything work properly with both > the Dracut and classic initramfs. I haven't the slightest idea how it > worked with the classic Genkernel initramfs, but I guess I'll take > it... > > So all told, I have some genkernel patches and some ZFS patches (all > for the Dracut module) to contribute. I'll pass along the ZFS changes > upstream, though I'm not sure if that's something that Dracut would > eventually want to pull in? I think for the time being given that > ZFSonLinux is rather actively evolving, it might make sense to leave > the modules over there until things quiet down a bit. As it is, if > you install the Dracut branch of Genkernel, Dracut itself, and the git > version of ZFS, all of the files end up in the right places so > everything works together. Merging them into Dracut probably doesn't > buy anything right now. > > Patches are attached, and everything's in a public git repo if some > other format is desired. For the record, this is all released under > GPL-2 or any later version at your option. > > As far as a summary of changes, here's what I ended up doing: > >, branch master > ebuild: (Versus the stock -9999 ebuild in portage) > * Change git to dracut branch of forked repo > * Add dep for Dracut > * Add use flag based dep for ZFS (explicit on -9999 version for now > as there's been no release with the necessary changes) > > >, branch dracut > genkernel: (Versus dracut branch from > * Remove -nonet flag from xsltproc call (couldn't build with it set) > * Add 'zfs' to list of Dracut modules in > * Add '--zfs' flag to command line & ZFS setting to conf file, update > docs to match. > * Pass log level to Dracut based on Genkernel's log level > * Try to catch Dracut failures and die rather than reporting success > after broken initramfs. > > > I also made some minor changes to the zfs-9999 ebuild originally taken > from the Science overlay. The most important is the creation of > /etc/hostid if it doesn't exist as Gentoo's hostid binary doesn't > appear to write that file if it doesn't exist. > > Best regards, > Zac Bedell > > > [1] > > On Jul 3, 2011, at 12:33 PM, Zachary Bedell wrote: > > I've managed to make a bit of progress with getting > > Genkernel/Dracut/ZFS to all play nicely together. I'm running into > > some trouble with devices after the initramfs is actually done, and > > I'm not sure if I'm just hitting the current limitations of the > > Genkernel/Dracut branch or if there's something silly I might be > > doing. My first suspicion is that Dracut's using udev while the > > rest of my system is setup for mdev is probably the source of my > > issues, but my knowledge of the various device manager packages is > > pretty limited at this point.


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