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From: Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o>
To: gentoo-genkernel@l.g.o, genkernel <genkernel@g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-genkernel] genkernel 3.4.19 released
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 13:53:48
# git diff v3.4.18..v3.4.19 ChangeLog | /bin/grep '^+\($\|  \)' \
    | sed 's|^+ *||' | xsel
30 Oct 2011; Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o> genkernel:
Bump version to 3.4.19

25 Oct 2011; Fabio Erculiani <lxnay@g.o>
fix random build failures during e2fsprogs, force -j1

08 Oct 2011; Fabio Erculiani <lxnay@g.o> defaults/initrd.defaults,
defaults/initrd.scripts, defaults/linuxrc:
Do not hardcode /mnt/cdrom path across the whole code, use CDROOT_PATH
instead. At the same time, mount cdrom into /mnt/cdrom instead of
/newroot/mnt/cdrom (which is now just a bind mount), this avoids
losetup to expose unavailable paths inside the live system, breaking
mkfs.btrfs (next upstream version, which does silly things with

07 Oct 2011; Robin H. Johnson <robbat2@g.o>
Fix patch typo that broke compile.

22 Sept 2011; Robin H. Johnson <robbat2@g.o> defaults/initrd.scripts,
Fix trailing backtick and root-on-LVM.

13 Sep 2011; Fabio Erculiani <lxnay@g.o>,
dmraid requires dmsetup to assign UUID to discovered RAID volumes, close bug

11 Sep 2011; Fabio Erculiani <lxnay@g.o> defaults/initrd.scripts,
drop parse_opt usage and crufty, deprecated subshelling through

30 Aug 2011; Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o> defaults/initrd.scripts:
Fix quoting issue (bug #380729).

Thanks to:
- Axel Bringenberg

30 Aug 2011; Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o>
Enable patch application for mdadm, add patch to fix compilation (bug

28 Aug 2011; Fabio Erculiani <lxnay@g.o> defaults/initrd.scripts,
defaults/linuxrc, doc/genkernel.8.txt:
Add basic support to AUFS2, requires kernel with aufs module or built-in

16 Aug 2011; Fabio Erculiani <lxnay@g.o>
gen_compile: correct MAKEOPTS usage on utils task

16 Aug 2011; Fabio Erculiani <lxnay@g.o>
gen_compile: always use -j1 with kernel *_install targets, fixes compilation
with make 3.82

06 Aug 2011; Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o>
No longer copy /lib/libsysfs*so* for multipath-tools (bug #300841, bug

31 Jul 2011; Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o>
-patches/busybox/1.7.4/1.7.4-make-3.82.diff, -patches/busybox/1.7.4/README,
End support for 4 years old busybox 1.7.4 (bug #377133)

31 Jul 2011; Sebastian Pipping <sping@g.o> doc/genkernel.8.txt:
Improve doc on filing bugs