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From: Brian Dolbec <brian.dolbec@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-guis <gentoo-guis@l.g.o>
Cc: lxnay@g.o, cla@g.o, jokey@g.o, Kenneth Prugh <ken69267@×××××.com>, volkmar@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-guis] updating the gentoo-guis project page
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 03:18:23
Hi everyone.  The gentoo-guis mail list is active, apparently never was
de-activated.  But is now listed on the mail list page along with the
only gentoo link to the gentoo-guis project page.

There are several things we need to get to Andrew <galiven> so that he
can properly update the page with all our projects.

1) project name, developer(s), status, homepage link, brief description
2) your publishable info Name, email, blog maybe.
3) if your not already signed up for the gentoo-guis email list, please

Araujo, we need you to submit the ventoo info as well.

lxnay, I don't know if you want packagekit listed here as well.  Since
it is not gentoo specific, I don't know if it qualifies.  Araujo will
need to answer that.

I'm cc'ing several people here, so sorry if you get double copies.  I
want to make sure they know about the list.

Araujo, We need you to get in touch with dberkholz about getting the
gentoo-guis project page linked in somewhere.  I was talking with him on
irc about it.  Please find a little time to arrange that. :)
Also please arrange for galiven to be able to submit the updated page
for testing and final updating.  Not being a gentoo developer limits my
ability to get some things done.  I have been in contact with dabbot
about the page update. He had said he would run it through guide.xml for
testing/previewing when we were ready.

I know Andrew started a new job this week, so won't have as much time
just yet.  He still has to make a good impression ;)

On other news, gtk-3 is about to hit the tree, so several of us will
have porting work to do as well.

So, here's hoping we can generate more interest and help in getting all
out projects moving forward.

Some late breaking news...  I've been adding/improving more to layman's
api recently, discovering shortcomings, etc..  Partially due to starting
a pothole plug-in, partially for starting portage's integration of the
new layman api.  For those that want to check it out.  So far I have the
git repo posted at

the layman_sync branch.

New, but not yet committed and pushed to the above link.
I've added a new OptionConfig class which subclasses BareConfig and
makes it easier to set up the options to your liking.  I've also removed
some of the xml requirement in the backends which made it possible to
now add repo's dynamically via a python dictionary containing the needed
info, rather than creating & parsing an xml file.  I've also added an
utils function for creating it with the correct keys.  This has opened
up more possibilities for using layman.  One of the tests I did was in a
live python console session . I created an empty Db, added a fake test
repo, added my working gentoolkit git clone and and then activated it to
sync it which it happily did successfully.  Once I finish that I'll
commit them an let you know again.

I am also contemplating extending the repo attributes to be able to
store more of it's info such as it's install location so that you can
have them located anywhere in the file system.  More on that another

Bye for now 
Brian Dolbec <brian.dolbec@×××××.com>


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