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From: "René 'Necoro' Neumann" <lists@××××××.eu>
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Subject: [gentoo-guis] One backend for alle portage GUIs
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 07:34:48
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Hi guys,

today while idling in #gentoo-guis bheekling came up with, which wants to be one frontend for many package
managers. We had some discussion about it - but this is not want I want
to propose.

While thinking about it, I wondered, why we have so many different
portage frontends - and each having its own portage backend. As there
are different approaches in defining a GUI, there is only one approach
of getting your information from portage. So instead of having one GUI,
I want to have one backend, which can be used by all different GUIs.
This makes the development of new GUIs simple - and might even be useful
for small scripts.

Also this backend should it make possible to access different package
managers (portage, paludis, pkgcore, equo) through one standardized API.
Thus in the end all GUIs will support all different Gentoo Package Manglers.


Basically I want to have one service in the middle, that is accessed via
DBus. This service itself calls pkg-manager backends which in turn get
information out of the pkg manager.

For the second part there are two different approaches:
1) Have all backends in the service itself.
2) Have the backends extra - and they are called by DBus itself.

Pros & Cons:
- - C: All backends should be written in the same language, what could be
difficult, as different pkg-managers use different languages.
- - P: Faster?

- - P: Different languages can be chosen - and it is easy to add a new
- - P: The backend might be provided by the package manager itself, which
makes it easier to maintain.
- - C: More overhead.

Open Issues

- -  How could we send complex objects with dbus?

So guys ... now the question: Could you imagine to put efforts together
and plan such a thing? =)

- -- Necoro =)
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