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From: Kurt Lieber <klieber@g.o>
To: gentoo-gwn@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-gwn] Gentoo Weekly Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 19
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 12:39:06
week's GWN.  We had some email troubles on our side of things]

Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
This is the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter for the week of May 10th, 2004.
1. Gentoo News
Gentoo Documentation Project Status Report
The Gentoo Documentation Project[1] has released a new status report[2]. 
Much new documentation has been added since the last status report in 
April - a coLinux HOWTO[3] has been added, and many other sections have 
been updated too, like the Gentoo Security Guide[4], which now has a note 
on the -glsa-check option to emerge. 

In addition, the third part[5] of the Gentoo Handbook, concerned with 
configuring a desktop machine, is progressing, with sections on various 
desktop environments, X, 3d acceleration, and sound now complete, and 
drafts are available for viewing. The Documentation Project plans to 
officially release this third chapter once the section on integrating a 
Gentoo machine into a Windows network is complete. 

GLEP 26: Handling kernels with Portage
Developers Nathaniel McCallum[6] and Joshua Campbell[7] submitted GLEP 
26[8] last Sunday. This proposal has to do with kernel handling by Portage 
- specifically, Nathan and Joshua propose that emerge kernel-name, in 
addition to or instead of installing the kernel sources, also give the 
user the option of installing a binary kernel, its modules, and a 
tarballed package of kernel-headers. For more information about the 
advantages and disadvantages of such a change, read the GLEP or the 
discussion[9] on gentoo-dev. 

 6. npmccallum@g.o
 7. warpzero@g.o
2. Gentoo Security
Multiple format string vulnerabilities in neon 0.24.4 and earlier
There are multiple format string vulnerabilities in libneon which may 
allow a malicious WebDAV server to execute arbitrary code. 
For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[10] 

Multiple vulnerabilities in LHa
Two stack-based buffer overflows and two directory traversal problems have 
been found in LHa. These vulnerabilities can be used to execute arbitrary 
code or as a denial of service attack. 
For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[11] 

3. Heard in the Community
Web Forums
Porthole to Portage 
Here's one of those cases where the Forums were the first to hear about a 
programming group effort, and a few months down the line the utility that 
emerged (pun entirely unintentional) got ascended to Portage. Daniel G. 
Taylor, Frederik Arnerup, Brian Dolbec and Bill Wheeler Brian Dolbec have 
rounded some of the edges of their Porthole (a GUI frontend for Portage) 
enough to get it unmasked in the official Portage tree: 
 * Porthole-0.3 Released![12] 
 * Project web site[13]

Setting Up a Local Email Server 
If you have more than one PC used for email access, this thread[14] may be 
for you. It contains a helpful link to setting up a central email box with 
IMAP that you may use to retrieve your email from anywhere. 

Mounting Partition Images 
Check out this thread[15] for some tips on imaging and mounting hard drive 
partitions as a file. 

Slowest Gentoo Ever 
Gentoo was named after the fastest species of penguin on Earth. However, 
some very patient people talk about the slowest machines[16] they've ever 
installed Stage1 Gentoo on. 486/33Mhz? Yikes. 

4. Gentoo International
Japan: GentooJP Core Socialising 
Masatomo Nakano[17] is one of the founders of GentooJP, the large and 
ever-growing Japanese community with a most active developer crowd and a 
truly exciting web presence[18]. His current visit to Japan (taking a few 
days off from his overseas job in England) serves as the perfect excuse 
for a get-together of the Japanese Gentoo developers, translators and 
other activists. Just in case you're around Shibuya station on Thursday, 
13 May at 19:00 hours, do join them for dinner and a drink or two. Cost 
per person will be 5000 JPY, check the GentooJP mailing list[19] (in 
Japanese) for further details.

5. Tips and Tricks
Renaming Files
Often files need to be converted from uppercase to lowercase. Sometimes 
this is a side effect of moving from case-insensitive file systems to 
case-sensitive ones.
Here's a quick shell command that will convert everything in the current 
directory from uppercase to lowercase.
| Code Listing 5.1:                                                       |
|for n in *; do mv $n `echo $n | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'`; done        |
6. Moves, Adds, and Changes
The following developers recently left the Gentoo team:
 * None this week 
The following developers recently joined the Gentoo Linux team:
 * None this week 
The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo Linux 
 * None this week 
7. Contribute to GWN
Interested in contributing to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter? Send us an 

 20. gwn-feedback@g.o
8. GWN Feedback
Please send us your feedback[21] and help make the GWN better.

 21. gwn-feedback@g.o
9. GWN Subscription Information
To subscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank email to 
To unsubscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank email to 
gentoo-gwn-unsubscribe@g.o from the email address you are 
subscribed under.
10. Other Languages
The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter is also available in the following languages:
 * Danish[22] 
 * Dutch[23] 
 * English[24] 
 * German[25] 
 * French[26] 
 * Japanese[27] 
 * Italian[28] 
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 * Portuguese (Brazil)[30] 
 * Portuguese (Portugal)[31] 
 * Russian[32] 
 * Spanish[33] 
 * Turkish[34] 

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