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From: Yuji Kosugi <carlos@g.o>
To: gentoo-gwn@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-gwn] Gentoo Weekly Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 23
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 04:47:23
Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
This is the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter for the week of May 31st, 2004.
1. Gentoo News
Introducing app-admin/wasabi, a log-monitoring tool
We're very pleased to announce the public release of Wasabi[1], a log 
file-monitoring tool that infrastructure dev Andrea Barisani[2] wrote to 
replace oak. Wasabi watches a log file for lines matching a user-defined 
regular expressions and reports on the matches, sending an email as soon 
as an associated line is found, or reporting periodically. The source is 
available here[3], and an unstable ebuild has been committed into the 
portage tree. Documentation is available here[4]. Feedback, bug reports, 
and feature requests should be sent to[5]. 

 2. lcars@g.o
Some GLEP news
This week saw the submisison of one GLEP as well as a major revision to 
another. First, GLEP editor Grant Goodyear[6] submitted GLEP 28[7], which 
proposes to mark Draft GLEPs that have been inactive for more than 60 days 
and Accepted GLEPs that have been inactive for over six monhts as 
inactive. This is intended to keep inactive GLEPs from lingering in a 
limbo state and help the GLEP editors keep track of how each GLEP is 

 6. g2boojum@g.o
Grant also reworked GLEP 22[8] this week. This GLEP concerns changes to 
the keyword designed to facilitate the mixing and matching of hardware 
architectures, userland toolsets, C libraries, and kernels. The original 
idea, brought up by Daniel Robbins[9], was to have compound keywords like 
gnu/x86 and macos/ppc. This, however, didn't cover the full range of 
possibilities, and in further discussion the developers decided to embrace 
the combinatorial explosion instead of avoiding it. Thus, GLEP 22 proposes 
a system where keywords would have 4 parts, corresponding to the possible 
architecture, userland, libc, and kernel choices, resulting in something 
like five hundred possible keywords. 

 9. drobbins@g.o
2. Gentoo Security
tla: Multiple vulnerabilities in included libneon
tla includes a vulnerable version of the neon library. 
For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[10] 

Ethereal: Multiple security problems
Multiple vulnerabilities including one buffer overflow exist in Ethereal, 
which may allow an attacker to run arbitrary code or crash the program. 
For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[11] 

tripwire: Format string vulnerability
A vulnerability allowing arbitrary code execution under certain 
circumstances has been found. 
For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[12] 

sitecopy: Multiple vulnerabilities in included libneon
sitecopy includes a vulnerable version of the neon library. 
For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[13] 

3. Featured Developer of the Week
Jason Stubbs
Figure 3.1: Jason Stubbs, with wife Sanae
Our featured developer for this week is Jason Stubbs[14] (jstubbs), one of 
the members of the portage[15] developers group. He is currently 
completing work on an API (Application Programming Interface) for portage, 
to provide an abstract interface for client applications to make use of 
portage functionality. He will also be helping with the modification of 
existing tools to use the new API and the modularization and abstraction 
of portage's back-end as we move toward the portage-ng[16] functionality. 
He describes this work as amongst the accomplishments he is most proud of, 
and took the opportunity to thank Jason Mobarak[17] (aether) for 
recruiting him to work on it. 

 14. jstubbs@g.o
 17. aether@g.o
Jason works on an Athlon 1800 XP laptop (512 MB, 30 GB, GeForce4), and 
works solely in KDE[18], using KDE applications supplemented by 
mplayer[19] and ogle[20]. He typically works at home, multitasking his 
brain with the television or stereo, but sometimes works on the train ride 
to work. His primary development environment is KDevelop, save for quick 
text edits in nano[21]. 

Jason has been a programmer for most of his life - beginning with BASIC as 
a pre-teen and progressing through C, Pascal, and C++ before learning 6502 
assembly language and Java as a teenager. He studied Engineering at the 
Swinburne University of Technology[22] in Melbourne before leaving to 
pursue a career in programming. Jason's first experience with Linux was 
when he began experimenting with Slackware in 1994. He furthered his 
understanding by building a test server for experimentation and test 
server using Red Hat in 1997. In early 2003, he discovered Gentoo on 
distrowatch[23] and was intrigued by the "simple but powerful" ideals of 
the distro. He has been using it ever since and expects to introduce it at 
his work with a server upgrade in the near future. 

Jason is originally from Melbourne, Australia. He met his wife while 
studying Japanese in Sydney and moved to Japan to marry her. He now lives 
in Yokohama (just outside Tokyo), where he works as a Linux server 
administrator and developer. He finds himself coding in anything from C++ 
through C, ruby and php as he works on a variety of web-based applications 
and server utilities. He is a passionate musician, playing both guitar and 
trumpet. He is a Pink Floyd fan, but claims to an omnivorous taste: 
"anything except Country - even Opera!". His other great interest is 
studying science, especially mathematics and physics. He can often be 
found quoting Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars Epsisode I: "Your 
perspective determines your reality." 
4. Heard in the Community
Web Forums
Free Macromedia Flash Player for Linux - Or Is It? 
The brandnew Flash player version 7 for Linux put out by Macromedia ten 
days ago has been greeted with more than just mild interest. Although the 
lack of a Shockwave client for Linux is frequently deplored within the 
same sentence, people honour the move to make at least Flash available on 
their preferred platform. However, the details of the license agreement 
are peculiar enough to raise a number of eyebrows, especially about the 
redistribution clauses that appear to need some revision before Linux 
distributions can be sure to stay within legal boundaries if they ship 
Flash 7 to their users: 
 * Macromedia Flash 7 for Linux released[24] 

Love Sources Now Featuring ReiserFS 4 
Gentoo Forums continue to be a place for shadow development outside the 
official Gentoo devhood. Last week the (in)famous patch-as-you-can Linux 
kernel project "Love Sources" has come up with its latest installment of a 
heavily ment and bent package somewhat loosely based on Andrew Morton's 
mm-sources, together with support for the latest filesystem craze, 
ReiserFS 4. Your mileage may vary dramatically: 
 * 2.6.7_rc2-love2 aka "The dead shall raise"-reiser4[25] 
Putting /etc on a separate partition 
Usually /etc and the root (/) directories coexist on the same physical 
drive patition. Is it possible to split[26] them? 

Viruses on Linux 
The subject itself was marked "off-topic" by its author, but turned into 
one of the larger thread's we've seen on gentoo-user. Read it here[27]. 

Developers being sought 
When Seemant Kulleen[28] posted to -dev looking for people interested in 
maintaining the firebird database and BIND ebuilds, several other 
developers followed suit, asking for help with X, dialup, Java, and 
webapps. This might be a good chance for those of you who are interested 
in becoming developers. See the thread[29] for details. 

 28. seemant@g.o
5. Gentoo International
Germany: LinuxTag 23-26 June in Karlsruhe 
The Gentoo booth at Europe's largest Linux and Open Source fair, the 
LinuxTag in Karlsruhe[30] (close to the French border), is set to become 
even more exciting than last year's event. Fifteen Gentoo developers from 
all over Germany, clad in Gentoo shirts reminiscent of football teams are 
sharing their time to man the booth that will feature almost every Gentoo 
platform imaginable, ranging from various Macs and Intel-based laptops via 
a veritable SGI Indy, right down to iPaqs and an Xbox. A webcam will 
deliver live views from the booth to the community at large, and those who 
do make it all the way to Karlsruhe will become the first Gentooists to 
become members of the German not-for-profit association Gentoo e.V., for 
an annual membership fee of 20 Euros (10 for students). Application forms 
and lots of give-aways and Gentoo merchandise will be available at the 
stand. For details, refer to the Gentoo e.V. website[31] and a 
coordination thread in the Forums[32].

6. Bugzilla
 * Statistics 
 * Closed Bug Ranking 
 * New Bug Rankings 
The Gentoo community uses Bugzilla ([33]) to record and 
track bugs, notifications, suggestions and other interactions with the 
development team. Between 28 May 2004 and 03 June 2004, activity on the 
site has resulted in: 

 * 614 new bugs during this period 
 * 333 bugs closed or resolved during this period 
 * 16 previously closed bugs were reopened this period 
Of the 6363 currently open bugs: 135 are labeled 'blocker', 201 are 
labeled 'critical', and 522 are labeled 'major'. 
Closed Bug Rankings
The developers and teams who have closed the most bugs during this period 
 * PPC Porters[34], with 35 closed bugs[35]  
 * Gentoo Games[36], with 21 closed bugs[37]  
 * AMD64 Porting Team[38], with 18 closed bugs[39]  
 * Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team[40], with 14 closed bugs[41]  
 * Gentoo X-windows Packagers[42], with 12 closed bugs[43]  
 34. ppc@g.o
 36. games@g.o
 38. amd64@g.o
 40. gnome@g.o
 42. xfree@g.o
New Bug Rankings
The developers and teams who have been assigned the most new bugs during 
this period are: 
 * media-video Herd[44], with 20 new bugs[45]  
 * Gentoo's SAMBA Team[46], with 17 new bugs[47]  
 * AMD64 Porting Team[48], with 17 new bugs[49]  
 * Gentoo's Team for Core System Packages[50], with 16 new bugs[51]  
 * Gentoo Sound Team[52], with 14 new bugs[53]  
 44. media-video@g.o
 46. samba@g.o
 48. amd64@g.o
 50. base-system@g.o
 52. sound@g.o
7. Tips and Tricks
This week's tip was submitted by developer Caleb Tennis[54]

 54. caleb@g.o
I saw a user post this in a bug comment, and thought it was a good idea. 
In your .bashrc file, add the line:
| Code Listing 7.1:                                                       |
|alias akmrg='ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge'                              |
This will allow you to emerge unstable ebuilds by typing akmrg foo instead 
of the more cumbersome ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge foo.
However, if you always want to have certain keywords in place when 
emerging particular ebuilds, the recommended way is to edit 
/etc/portage/package.keywords. For example, to have net-misc/totd emerged 
with the ~x86 keyword, add the following:
| Code Listing 7.2:                                                       |
|net-misc/totd ~x86                                                       |
This also makes using the --upgrade-only option of emerge unnecessary.
8. Moves, Adds, and Changes
The following developers recently left the Gentoo team:
 * None this week 
The following developers recently joined the Gentoo Linux team:
 * Christian Andreetta (satya) - SAMBA 
 * Scott Haffield (hadfield) - Gentoo Script Repository 
 * Lukasz Strzygowski (lucass) - python 
 * Guillaume Destuynder (kang) - net-p2p, RSBAC 
The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo Linux 
 * None this week 
9. Contribute to GWN
Interested in contributing to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter? Send us an 

 55. gwn-feedback@g.o
10. GWN Feedback
Please send us your feedback[56] and help make the GWN better.

 56. gwn-feedback@g.o
11. GWN Subscription Information
To subscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank email to 
To unsubscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank email to 
gentoo-gwn-unsubscribe@g.o from the email address you are 
subscribed under.
12. Other Languages
The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter is also available in the following languages:
 * Danish[57] 
 * Dutch[58] 
 * English[59] 
 * German[60] 
 * French[61] 
 * Japanese[62] 
 * Italian[63] 
 * Polish[64] 
 * Portuguese (Brazil)[65] 
 * Portuguese (Portugal)[66] 
 * Russian[67] 
 * Spanish[68] 
 * Turkish[69] 

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