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Subject: [gentoo-installer] gentoo-mini-linux (2.6.X + uClibc + busybox + udev + hotplug/coldplug + *fsutils + smb/nfs+ ...) for system-setup
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 00:53:17
In Reply to: [gentoo-installer] GLI Meeting by Preston Cody
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is anyone (beside of me) working on this subject?

My idea/ambition is to substitute MS-DOS-based (initial) os-setup-procedures
(for x86 systems) by some kind of "gentoo-mini-linux" that ist based on a
current (2.6.9++) linux kernel and a root-filesystem consisting of uClibc,
busybox, udev, hotplug/coldplug, *fsutils, smb/nfs, ...

Installation/Setup should be initiated by PXE (PXEGRUB/PXELINUX) that loads
the kernel and root-filesystem into a ramdisk.
After partitioning of disks either a win32-setup could be started or
a gentoo-installation (GLI?).

I have already tried "gentoo genkernel" and found out that I have to
change a lot/too much...

At the moment I'm using a manual configured 2.6.9-gentoo-r4-kernel
(with lots of modules for Network and Storage access) and a customized
"buildroot" (from Erik Andersen,

I've already managed to add the kernel-modules to the "buildroot"-root_fs,
to load kernel modules (for NICs), to run fdisk, and to mount nfs-volumes
after booting my test machine (DHCP/TFTP -> PXEGRUB -> kernel+initrd -> busybox).

Now for my (open) questions:
  1. "buildroot" obviously does not provide a "fully featured" root-fs for
     kernel-2.6, i. e. with udev, hotplug/coldplug.
     Anyone out there with experience on that?
  2. ntfsutils, smb, ... are not available in current "buildroot".
     Anyone out there that has integrated this into "buildroot" already?
     (or rather compiled/linked against uClibc manually)
  3. "buildroot" uses its own "package management" for downloading and
     compiling of sources.
     Is it possible to benefit from "gentoo-portage" and do (a kind of)
     cross-compiling and linking against uClibc?

- -Axel

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