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From: Philippe Lafoucriere <lafou@×××××××.fr>
To: gentoo-installer@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-installer] FAI vs GLIS
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 09:52:47
Just a little feedback on FAI, the full automatic installer from debian. 
   I work in a company that only use Debian for servers. Installing 
debian with ldap support and such thungs is really painfull when you 
have 3 to install in the morning :(

I took a look at FAI, a sort of GLIS, but really more complicated...
The doc is about 65 pages !

This is how it works :

fai is a client / server model. it creates a local install in 
/usr/lib/fai/nfsroot and then mount it using nfs to clients. Clients can 
boot via DHCP / BOOTP / FLOPPY / CDROM (soon).

Booting via dhcp / bootp as the advantage of not using a media to 
install a kernel. The client will just boot from network and install 
itself. problem : you have to get all mac adresses to assign IP later :(

I prefer the boot floppy option, when you specify some params to kernel :


This is a great idea.

If you want to take a look :

I haven't look at glis for a long time, I think it's beginning to be 
mature now. some months ago, glis seemed to be so much simple to 
configure than FAI. Please go on on this way guys !


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