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From: Chris Stahl <×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-installer] Installer update 2004-10-12
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 18:19:27
In Reply to: [gentoo-installer] Installer update 2004-10-12 by Eric Sammer
i've done a bit of work on partitioning from the concepts to using
cfdisk in a script with a basic UI.  no python-based work as i don't
know python.  in anycase i'm interested in seeing what you guys can
come up with as many distros have terrible "interesting" partitioning

I have access to a number of SPARC computers as well.  possibly for
testing.  i know sparc uses a lot of odd stuff.

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 23:34:27 -0400, Eric Sammer <esammer@g.o> wrote:
> All: > > Here's a quick update of installer status... > > - There is a push to release a user testable version of the installer > for the 2005.0 LiveCD. This is something we are currently working with > (and will continue to work with) the RelEng folks to make happen. This > is obviously contingent on even more hard work by not just the official > Gentoo developers, but the unofficial ones as well (which is everyone > else, in case you weren't catching the underlying statement). ;) > > - Partitioning is still a headache, no two ways about it. A number of > people are doing their own research into this topic, independently. This > is good as different people have different ideas of how this should work > and hopefully we'll be able to find what works faster this way. Thanks > to those people working on this. > > - Architecture support - a touchy subject to be sure. To clarify what > people may or may not have heard, it's true: we're concentrating on the > x86 version of the installer BUT this is because the current team is > made up of people with primarily x86 experience. We are NOT giving up on > other archs. What we are doing is trying to make the best of the > resources we have. If you want to see the arch of your choice released > sooner, we encourage you to get involved! > > - There has been a lot of talk about Sun hardware and the size > limitations on netboot images. Netbooting is a requirement for a lot of > SPARC and MIPS based hardware so we need to find people who can do > research and testing on a workable solution to getting SPARC / MIPS > hardware to a point at which control can be passed to the installer on a > live file system (similar to x86 hardware after booting from a cd). A > number of other installers have worked around this (or made it work > somehow) so we just need to find the proper resources to work through this. > > - We need people with python experience to work on arch templates for > specific architectures, review code, test, debug, improve, and document > code. Get involved! Yea, I mean you. > > - As always, we're looking for ways to improve what we have to make it > more robust and flexible. Comments (that are respective and > constructive) are invited and always welcome. > > Anyone who is interested in getting involved may speak to me (esammer) > or any of the following people in #gentoo-installer (freenode): klieber, > spyderous, tseng, samyron, codeman, or npmccallum. Those of you who > aren't Gentoo devs can look over the code from the ViewCVS interface > (see in the gentoo/src/installer directory. > > Regards. > -- > E. Sammer > esammer@g.o > Gentoo Linux - > > >
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