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From: Alistair Bush <ali_bush@g.o>
To: gentoo-java@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-java] javatoolkit Depend problem
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 11:15:30
While installing a new vm for testing stable I ran into an build error 
on sys-lib/db.  It was caused by the following chain of events.

1) Follow install documentation.
2) Configure USE="java" and JAVA_PKG_STRICT=1 in make.conf before 
(emerge -avutDN world)ing
3) emerge -avutDN world.
4) Watch as sys-lib/db attempts to call and then 
dies saying that the class version is incorrect.

Most should be able to figure this out via the output [1] below.

So the question is,  do we move the DEPEND on javatoolkit.  If so where? 
java-utils-2.eclass?  or do we update java-pkg_verify-classes() to check 
for whether class-version-verify is actually available before attempting 
to use it?



grep "javatoolkit" /usr/portage/eclass/*java*.eclass
/usr/portage/eclass/java-ant-2.eclass:# We need some tools from 
javatoolkit. We also need portage 2.1 for phase hooks
/usr/portage/eclass/java-ant-2.eclass:          local 
/usr/portage/eclass/java-ant-2.eclass:          eerror "Do you have 
dev-java/javatoolkit installed?"
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