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From: Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@g.o>
To: "Matt T. Proud" <khanreaper@××××.net>
Cc: gentoo-java@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-java] Re: Gentoo Java Inquiry
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 12:10:56
Matt T. Proud wrote:
> Hello, > > Since I see that you wrote Gentoo's Java documentation, I thought that > you might be the best person to whom I should direct this inquiry. > > I have been wondering as to whether Gentoo has any intentions of > offering GNU Java a la GCC-GCJ as a functional Java engine, much like > what Redhat did with Fedora Core 4. Are there any future plans to even > offer GNU Java?
We already have it. You have to merge gcc with the 'gcj' useflag (and possibly also 'gtk' if you want the Gtk+ AWT peers). It is not available separately from gcc. After talking to the RedHat guys, we decided to keep it in the gcc package. That being said, we're not really spending too much time ensuring that our packages work properly with gcj yet. We only have limited manpower, and the gcj "platform" is currently a bit immature, though improving in leaps and bounds. I know there have a few nice "poster-child examples" which shows gcj really shines over a traditional JRE/JDK. If you're interested in supplying patches for our existing packages, for example the "poster-child examples", you're of course free to do so. I suggest you mail gentoo-java@l.g.o about any such endeavour. Cheers, -- Karl T -- gentoo-java@g.o mailing list