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From: Kasun Gajasinghe <kasunbg@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-java] Re: Maven from source - version 2.x or 3.x ?
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 09:07:36
In Reply to: [gentoo-java] Re: Maven from source - version 2.x or 3.x ? by "Jörg Schaible"
Hi Jörg, and Robert,

>> FWIW one unresolved challenge for linux distributions with the rise of >> bytecode languages (such as Java) is that compressed bytecodes are not >> binaries in the usual sense (platform dependent machine executable >> machine code). i know that it's a hard thing for the linux community >> to hear but it's about time that the community acknowledged that these >> languages are now mainstream and stop trying to force them into a >> inappropriate provisioning model.
So... what exactly are you suggesting? Switch in to using binaries instead of building from source paradigm?
> > To build Maven from source in Gentoo I wonder about the hen-and-egg problem.
Yes. To Bootstrap maven, the work around for this is by: first generate ANT build.xml via `mvn ant:ant`. maven-bin will provide the mvn command in this case. Then patch that build.xml to the source. After that, ANT will take care of the building from source. If any of you is interested, you are welcome to have a look at the proposal for Maven from source for Gentoo [1]. Feedback is much appreciated. [1] Thanks, --Kasun PS: Glad to see that "reply-to" now defaults to gentoo-java list. :-) -- ~~~*******'''''''''''''*******~~~ Kasun Gajasinghe, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Blog: Twitter:


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