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Subject: [gentoo-java] Gentoo Java / Apache Tomcat choices vs FreeBSD
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 08:38:24
Hi all,
I just installed Gentoo on my laptop after having FreeBSD as my desktop 
for a long time.
I felt Gentoo would be my best shot at using and enjoying a Linux 
distribution for my desktop, as Gentoo promises a lot of freedom and choice.
All up its pretty darn good but I have to say I am a bit disappointed 
with the Tomcat/Apache/Java choices Gentoo portage has to offer.

The main reason I am interested in Gentoo Linux was the fact I can use a 
Java supplied from Sun as an alternative to some of the FreeBSD native 
Java compiled via ports with Tomcat.  I have servers running under 
Apache2.0.55 and Apache2.2.0 with Tomcat 5.5.x

My main problems are there is not a full set of choices of  Apache that 
being just 1.3.x or Apache 2.0.x and no Apache 2.2.x.
Apache 2.2.x has some great new features like a built in AJP module for 
linking Tomcat and Apache together with out needing the external mod_ajp 
Secondly there is only Tomcat 5.0.x in portage, in FreeBSD there is 
Tomcat3,Tomcat4,Tomcat41, Tomcat5 and Tomcat55
I do have to admit I think I will be happy with even just 1 Java in 
Linux since I know it comes from Sun for Linux which I expecting should 
be of a good quality. Believe it or not but doing a 'cd 
/usr/ports/java/; ls | grep -c  jdk"  in FreeBSD returns a count of 15 
Java choices, admittedly half of then being the Linux ones for use via 
the Linux kernel emulation.

I installed Gentoo on my laptop with a bit of excitement and was going 
to start doing some benchmarks and testing with Apache 2.2 and Tomcat 
5.5 just to find I will have to start manually building it all and 
manually installing it all my self.

My question is does any one have any idea of when Apache projects such 
as Tomcat 5.5 and Apache 2.2 will be in portage?


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