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From: Martin von Gagern <Martin.vGagern@×××.net>
To: gentoo-java@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-java] Experiences when switching
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 12:52:01

This is a report about what I experienced when switching to the
axxo-overlay. I used sun-jdk-1.5 as system vm before. Those were the
(successful) steps that got me there:

* checkout and activate overlay
* remerge jdk packages
* remove stale config files in /etc/env.d/java that do not have
* java-config, setting 1.5 as system vm again (got changed by remerge)
* env-update
* start new session (su -) to get clean environment (without JAVAC set!)
* emerge ant-core (will fail if JAVAC is set to 1.5 compiler)
  Annotation: BOOTJAVAC_OPTS should probably set to include -source and
              -target, and JAVAC should perhaps be set by ebuild or
              unset so that ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/javac is used
* unmerge jsch and jdepend (which had classes in 1.5 format which caused
  ant to fail with an UnsupportedClassVersionError)
* remerge all installed 1.5 files in correct order using from the gentoo-wiki.
* emerge -uavND world

There were two bugs in the second to last step.

dev-java/commons-modeler-1.1 fails. It depend on a sun-jmx-1.2.1 but
this version is named simply "jmx" by java-config, so I had to manually
update to sun-jmx-1.2.1-r1 before updating commons-modeler-1.1.
I did not yet file a bug for this as I experienced this only with
axxo-overlay so far, and don't know if the main portage tree has the
same problem.

dev-java/gnu-jaf-1.0-r2 fails. "make: invalid option -- 1". I changed
"-k1" to "-j1" in the ebuild. Looks very much like a typo.

The update world is still running, but I gotta go.

This is the second time I had trouble with the /usr/bin/ant script
loading classes into the classpath that I did not want. The other time
was when I wanted to use a development snapshot of cup from but this did not work as the cup
bundled with xalan. I would really want some way to set an environment
variable or command line flag and thus select the list of packages
loaded into the classpath for ant, overriding the list currently
included. Then one would not have to unmerge jsch and jdepend but could
instead set this package list to include only the list of dependencies
of the package currently emerged.
I filed this as

Another question yet is if xalan does indeed need cup itself or if the
cup runtime library would be enough. If someone has time to look into
this, feel free to do so, but this has low priority for me right now.

I first tried to use gentoo-java-experimental and axxo-overlay together,
given in this order. This failed for sys-libs/db-4.2.52_p2-r1. This is
the reason why I chose to update to axxo-overlay first and try
gentoo-java-experimental later this week.

 Martin von Gagern (MvG)


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