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From: Vlastimil Babka <caster@g.o>
To: gentoo-java <gentoo-java@l.g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-java] plz review some ebuilds
Date: Mon, 04 May 2009 18:33:15
In Reply to: [gentoo-java] plz review some ebuilds by Mario Fetka
Mario Fetka wrote:
> Hallo Gentoo Java Team, > > can someone plz review some java related ebuilds[1] > > dev-java/isrt > dev-java/isnativec > dev-java/isfreetype > dev-java/iscwt > dev-java/jPod > dev-java/jPodRenderer > dev-java/jbig2 > app-text/pdfsam
Hi, just a quick... I'll talk about iscwt-5.0.20081218.ebuild but most should apply to others too. depends on swt:3.4 using a slot dep without EAPI=1 (or later) which should not even work. In general, use EAPI=2 and specify slot deps for everything dev-java except jdk/jre (even explicitly :0 as it eases future upgrades). With EAPI=2 you can call 'default' instead of 'unpack $A; cd $S;'. The mkdir and cp calls should have appen '|| die' Move doc from IUSE to JAVA_PKG_IUSE. The creation of is tedious, overriding the classpath (see below) should be easier. What is the ${antflags} doing in src_compile? Should not be there. Also there should be just one eant call and using $(use_doc) as parameter will add 'javadoc' based on the flag. Also the whole src_compile (and the stuff) could be replaced with this: JAVA_ANT_REWRITE_CLASSPATH="true" EANT_GENTOO_CLASSPATH="isnativec,isrt,jna" Not tested, so some details might vary. Hope it helps. Caster
> before i will put them into bugzilla > > thx in av > Mario > > [1] > > >


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