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From: Thomas Matthijs <axxo@g.o>
To: gentoo-java@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-java] axxo-overlay: Request for comments/tests/feedback
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 16:21:51

I've been working on an overlay, where I'm trying to get things fixed so that
1.5 can be unmasked (finally?!) I would like some feedback/comments on _any_
part of it.
I want to make sure what I'm doing is good, and hasn't got any big holes, or
anything like that so that it might one day be merged into the main tree.

So if there is anything about it you don't like, yell now and I'll see if I can
change it. Or anything else you can think of it needs, or it needs to do
different .....

Most important changes are: 
   - merge time vm switching(#86900)
   - merge time build.xml rewriting (#86903)
   - my branch of the java-config-ng started by compnerd
   - Uses symlinks instead of PATH hacks to choose between user/system vm,
     which is more flexible.  
   - Removal of jikes useflag, you can now easily choose betwean
     javac/eclipse-ecj/jikes (when the ebuild supports it) 
   - And a variation of other small things

You can find a list of bugs it fixes here:

I also updated the user doc
And made a devel doc/packaging guide/policy
(disclaimer I absolutely hate writing docs, I stole most of it)

I also have a todo file, if you wish to help:

I recommend testing this in a chroot.  Although everything should work, and it
shouldn't nuke your system.
You can find it in svn on
Just checkout it somewhere and stick it in PORTDIR_OVERLAY in /etc/make.conf.
Java packages from the main tree not in my overlay with updates for it will no
longer work. So watch out for that, I usually try to keep it updated but it can
lag behind the main tree.  
If you allready have jre/jdk's installed you should
also remerged them, they should have rev bumps in the overlay, so running 
emerge -uD world, should do the trick

 Thomas Matthijs (axxo, knu) 
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