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From: Greg Tassone <greg@×××××××.net>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-java] Question about Sun-Jdk
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:12:10
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In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-java] Question about Sun-Jdk by Daigo Kobayashi
On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 00:35 +0900, Daigo Kobayashi wrote:
> Hi. > > I want to use Java 5.0 on gentoo. But now it marks unstable. > Is there any task that I can help to unmask Java 5.0? If possible > I want to try.
OK, here's how this is done. It's actually easy but I'll include specific details for you, just in case you're new to this: * If it doesn't already exist, create the directory "/etc/portage" * Then create the file "/etc/portage/package.unmask" if it doesn't already exist. * Add the following line(s) to that file (comments may be omitted): #---------------- dev-java/sun-jdk # (or whatever vendor package you want -- use the full name) dev-java/java-sdk-docs # (if you have your "doc" USE flag on) #---------------- * The above removes the package mask added by the Gentoo developers. However, since the sun-jdk 1.5 package is also marked unstable ("~"), you may need to enable the "testing" profile for these packages as well. Unless your system is set to ~ you will need to perform the following: * If it doesn't already exist, create the file "/etc/portage/package.keywords". * Add the following lines to that file, where "~arch" is the unstable flag for your architecture (e.g., most likely ~x86 or ~amd64). Comments may be omitted, of course: #---------------- dev-java/sun-jdk ~arch dev-java/java-sdk-docs ~arch #---------------- That should do it. You can now emerge the package with a standard command: emerge -av dev-java/sun-jdk ** VERY IMPORTANT ** Unless you know what you're doing, I strongly recommend that you leave your system VM set to a 1.4 JDK/runtime. Your message didn't indicate if you have one installed, so I'll assume you are using Blackdown (which is 1.4). If you aren't, you should install it now: emerge -av dev-java/blackdown-jdk (or use the JRE... I'm just giving examples at this point) ** Back to the WARNING ** Installing the new sun-jdk will usually set your system VM to that one (which is 1.5). To fix this and set a 1.4 system VM, you need to perform the following steps *AFTER* the emerge: * Run the following command (as root) to set a new 1.4 system VM: java-config --set-system-vm=blackdown-jre- (assuming you have that version of the blackdown JRE installed) * Now set your user VM to the 1.5 JVM. Run the following command as you standard user account(s): java-config --set-user-vm=sun-jdk- (assuming you installed that version of the sun-jdk) That should do it. Enjoy!
> By the way, I'm really sorry to send e-mail to Greg's personal address. > So I send same mail to list.
No problem at all. Cheers, Greg


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