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From: (Daniel Drake )
To: Gentoo Kernel List <gentoo-kernel@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-kernel] [ANNOUNCE] genpatches-2.6.16-2 release
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 13:19:32
This is an automated email announcing the release of genpatches-2.6.16-2


Revision 341: 
Use sparsemem for ultrasparc machines, thanks to Gustavo Zacarias (dsd)
Added: 1710_sparc-sparsemem.patch

Revision 343: 
sky2 update, hopefully solves stability issues (dsd)
Added: 2400_sky2-1.1.patch

Revision 344: 
skge update, hopefully solves performance issues (dsd)
Added: 2405_skge-1.5.patch

Revision 345: 
input.h header fix for splashutils compile (dsd)
Added: 2600_input-h-bits-per-long.patch

Revision 346: 
Fix disconnect when renewing keys with hostap driver (dsd)
Added: 2410_hostap-eapol-encryption.patch

Revision 347: 
Linux thanks to Francisco Lloret in bug #127838 (dsd)
Added: 1000_linux-

Revision 348: 
2.6.16-2 release (dsd)


When the website updates, the complete patch list and split-out patches will be
available here:


genpatches is the patchset applied to some kernels available in Portage.

For more information, see the genpatches homepage:

For a simple example of how to use genpatches in your kernel ebuild, look at a
recent gentoo-sources-2.6.* ebuild.
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