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From: Weedy <weedy2887@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-kernel@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-kernel] This asfjklhafknksanlckaw~ing kernel panic
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2018 17:43:25
1 This is probably off topic for the list but since I have no idea where
2 to even start on this I'm hoping someone can point me to a better
3 list.
4 Sorry for taking your time.
6 For the past 2 weeks I've been dealing with a kernel panic I can't track down.
7 The only real change is a BIOS update to deal with RAM compatibility
8 but using my old sticks or rolling that back to the old version
9 doesn't fix it either. It's like the hardware is now cursed.
11 It doesn't have a serial port and it crashes so hard netconsole dies
12 without sending anything while the display buffer get corrupted. No
13 amount of shuffling cards, ram, or built in devices makes it go away.
15 BUT it only happens when I access my 2 newest hard drives, If I leave
16 that 2 device btrfs rain1 unmounted the box is fine. if I mount it but
17 limit IO to under 1.5MiB/s it's fine. But doing anything for an
18 extended period of time that involves that FS kills the box.
19 I've moved these disks to different sata ports, doesn't help. My /home
20 is a 4 disk btrfs raid1 so it's not like btrfs is broken in my
21 kernels.
22 I've tried booting my older kernels, still crashes, 4.14.65, 4.15.1,
23 4.16.2, 4.17.19-gentoo still crashes. I started a new kernel config
24 with 4.18.6-gentoo, still crashes.
26 I'm out of ideas. If anyone can throw me a bone I'd appreciate it. At
27 this point I'm assuming the box is now cursed and I should try and get
28 another motherboard or newer CPU/mem/board combo somewhere.
30 The 2 cleanest panics I've been able to catch I wanted to say intel
31 NIC bug but I've tried e1000 and e1000e cards. Guess I should hunt
32 down some shitty realtek thing and see if that works.