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From: "dE ." <de.techno@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-kernel@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-kernel] Kernel configuration and DRI.
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 13:04:11
1 Hi. you might know me from the forums, but unfortunately I've appeared to
2 have stumbled over a difficult problem -
6 I'm having a bad time configuring the kernel. I've enabled KMS (like what's
7 with Debian), used the latest xserver, mesa from the overlays and eselected
8 mesa to galium (r300 and sw). On this setup, glxgears is blank... the's just
9 a blank windows with no reading of the fps drawn.
11 On the other hand on Debian I get a sustainable FPS, if I copy over the
12 Debian kernel (and modules) to my Gentoo install, I get good FPS, so there
13 must been something wrong with my kernel configuration. The Debian guys have
14 enabled KMS.
16 RS690m chipset which hosts x1270.


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