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From: (Christian Heim )
To: Gentoo Kernel List <gentoo-kernel@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-kernel] [ANNOUNCE] genpatches-2.6.17-5 release
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 17:04:05
This is an automated email announcing the release of genpatches-2.6.17-5


Revision 554: 
Fix vesafb-tng mtrr module parameter (dsd)
Added: 4206_vesafb-tng-mtrr.patch

Revision 557: 
Revert recent VIA IRQ quirk change (dsd)
Added: 2500_via-irq-quirk-revert.patch

Revision 558: 
Ensure is serio loaded before input, thanks to Ulrich Mueller (dsd)
Added: 4401_speakup-serio.patch

Revision 560: 
Add ID for new r8169 device (dsd)
Added: 4025_r8169-new-id.patch

Revision 561: 
Add support for Broadcom 5787 ethernet (dsd)
Added: 4030_tg3-5787.patch

Revision 562: 
Update to patches (dsd)
Added: 1003_linux-
Added: 1004_linux-
Added: 1005_linux-
Deleted: 1500_suid-dumpable.patch
Deleted: 1505_procfs-dumpable-race.patch

Revision 563: 
sky2 bugfixes (dsd)
Added: 4035_sky2-v1.5.patch

Revision 565: 
Various fixes from queue (dsd)
Added: 1800_block-dma-oom.patch
Added: 1900_xfs-corruption.patch
Added: 2000_ethtool-oops.patch
Added: 2005_netlink-sched-fix.patch
Added: 2305_usbserial-fdti-dos.patch
Added: 2710_alsa-hda-remove-race.patch
Added: 2900_powernow-k7-smp.patch
Added: 2905_splice-tee-fixes.patch
Added: 2910_file-memleak.patch
Added: 2915_fdset-memleak.patch

Revision 570: 
2.6.17-5 release (phreak)


When the website updates, the complete patch list and split-out patches will be
available here:


genpatches is the patchset applied to some kernels available in Portage.

For more information, see the genpatches homepage:

For a simple example of how to use genpatches in your kernel ebuild, look at a
recent gentoo-sources-2.6.* ebuild.
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