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From: Jimmy Jazz <Jimmy.Jazz@×××.net>
To: gentoo-kernel@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-kernel] I'm not able to get the vertical bar with gensplash after issuing alt+f1 key during the earlier boot stage
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 10:41:51
1 Hi,
3 I'm not sure i'm using the right list to expose that kind of problem.
4 Sorry for the inconvenient. Anyway, here i'm.
6 I'm using gensplash during the earlier boot process (initramfs) and
7 before switching to the real root partition (switch_root).
8 It behaves normally in silent mode, i mean i have the gentoo logo, the
9 alt+F1 message and the vertical purple bar on the screen, right after
10 the framebuffer (radeonfb) and vtcon are both activated.
11 But issuing alt+F1 and switching to the verbose mode doesn't give me the
12 vertical purple bar and therefore i'm not able to switch back in silent
13 mode again. Alt+F1 key seems to become inactive. Also, both files
14 /etc/splash/livecd-2006.1/images/{verbose,background}-1280x1024.png are
15 present in the cpio archive file and like genkernel, i'm using
16 splash_helper and the initrd.splash script (splash_utils.static is
17 really to huge to be used).
19 My questions are: are there any other useful "hidden" options available
20 with splash_helper like "repaint" to help gentoo to switch in silent
21 mode by pressing alt+F1 again ?
22 How should i call the verbose-xx.png image or any scripts in order to
23 see the right vertical bar on the screen knowing i have only busybox,
24 splash_helper, /dev, /sys and /proc available at that stage?
26 Thank you for your suggestions
28 Jj
30 --
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