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From: Peter Ebden <peter.ebden@×××××.nz>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-laptop] Dell latitude X410
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 19:56:59
In Reply to: [gentoo-laptop] Dell latitude X410 by Wojciech Polak
1 I agree on the USB CD thing - I've used a couple of custom CD's in the
2 past (on a Firewire drive) that were much easier. I suppose it's hard
3 for the devs to test every quirky hardware configuration though.
5 All three pieces of hardware you mentioned should work fine. It could be
6 a bit interesting if you don't have an internet connection until the
7 wi-fi card works though :)
9 (a) I had one of these in the past - it seemed to work fine as an Intel
10 8x0 chipset.
11 (b) There are guides out there - the one I used for mine was
13 (c) I believe this is supported by the ipw2200 project. I can't give any
14 details though.
16 Good luck!
18 Peter
20 Wojciech Polak wrote:
22 >Below is the list of problems I have to solve due to installation of Gentoo
23 >2005.1on my laptop Dell X410 (centrino 1,86)
24 >
25 >I managed to boot from USB CD (but it was a nightmare)
26 >
27 >1. Not all equipment has been detected properly
28 >
29 >a) sound Sigma tel audio (in Win XP) but I think that it's Intel's chipset
30 >based
31 >b) graphics Intel i915
32 >c) wifi Intel 2915 abg adapter
33 >
34 >since b will be hard to get I'd like to manage with a and c
35 >
36 >Should I leave it after installation process ?
37 >c would be helpfull because my Internet connection uses it
38 >
39 >Where can I find the list of detected equipment
40 >
41 >2. Where is located the log of complete installation process
42 >3. How can I run irsii ?
43 >
44 >
45 >Other things like bluetooth, PCMCIA, smart card reader, I leave for later on
46 >
47 >Has anyone installed Gentoo on a similar computer ?
48 >
49 >Thanks in advance
50 >
51 >Wojtek
52 >
53 >
54 >
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56 >
57 >Tresc tej wiadomosci zawiera informacje poufne, przeznaczone tylko dla adresata.
58 >Udostepnianie, ujawnianie, powielanie, rozpowszechnianie badz powolywanie sie na jakikolwiek jej fragment przez inne osoby jest zabronione. W razie przypadkowego otrzymania tej wiadomosci, prosimy o powiadomienie o tym nadawcy oraz trwale jej usuniecie.
59 >
60 >
61 >
62 --
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