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From: Mike Benson <mike@×××××××××.au>
To: gentoo-laptop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-laptop] amd turion laptop with good linux support (but i run gentoo so good gentoo support is the point)
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 19:18:53
1 OK , I have an Asus Z81K, which is the barebones version of the A2000K.
3 AMD64 support works, by and large, well in Linux. When you're only doing stuff
4 that works, it's a pleasure.
6 Don't pan NDisWrapper too much, with a 64-bit Windows driver, I've had minimal
7 problems with it. Performance actually seems to be better than my wife's IBM
8 T42p, using the 32-bit Windows driver.
10 But,
12 * You are critically dependent on the quality and standards conformance of the
13 BIOS, especially in areas like APIC and frequency control (I still don't have
14 freq control working, after a year). The Asus is very bad in this respect
16 * I would strongly suggest you only get a Turion-based system. My system
17 (processor is a Mobile 3700+) is inclined to overheat in summer, if I'm
18 re-emerging gcc or something else particularly large, although removing "-j2"
19 from the flags in make.conf improved that somewhat.
21 * I have ATI graphics (mobility 9700) and it's a pain. The only way I've ever
22 been able to get a stable X display without artifacts, snow and noise is to
23 use the binary ATI drivers, which usually lag kernel development, and do not
24 install nicely or easily (although Gentoo seems to be making a better fist
25 of it than Fedora or Kubuntu).
27 * You will have general problems with stuff that isn't ported yet. Either
28 because the developers can't get their heads around playing nicely with data
29 types, and not assuming things (particularly pointers) are 32 bits, or don't
30 use a recent version of autoconf that handles --enable-suffix (so things go
31 in lib64), or in the case of propietary, binary only things, because they
32 haven't got round to doing (or haven't be able to, or won't, do) a 64-bit
33 port. Flash, and multimedia codecs are probably the biggest gotchas here (and
34 don't flame me about WDNNS Flash! Like it or lump it, swf is a part of the
35 web landscape, and sometimes can't be ignored)
37 * PCMCIA was unstable for a long while. I haven't tried it lately, but expect
38 it has improved in recent kernels. Ditto for firewire (but at least that
39 worked). USB has worked very well.
41 * Be prepared to build your own kernel. Be prepared to live inside testing
42 (enable ~amd64 in your use flags, and sometimes even ~x86 for certain
43 packages). Even today, running AMD64 is being on the bleeding edge. As a
44 consolation, most bugs are fixed quickly, at least into testing.
46 * I've been running Gentoo about a month, after nearly a year with the machine
47 running Fedora (Core 2 and 3) and a couple of weeks with Kubuntu
48 (unresolvable display problems forced me off that). I seem to be rebuilding
49 or adding some packages every day, but it's kinda more fun than running yum
50 over and over again. And it was the lagging KDE support that drove me off
51 Fedora, I don't have that problem with Gentoo.
53 Hope this helps,
55 Mike
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