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From: Ryan Viljoen <ravilj@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-laptop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-laptop] Install problems
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 20:42:52
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-laptop] Install problems by Sad Jack
If you can spare some space than I think the best way to do this would
be to install Gentoo from your existing Fedora install as Josh
suggested. Than use lshw, lspci and lsusb to manually configure your
own kernel to your hardware requirements without having to worry about
auto detection.

An interesting point though, when install gentoo on my friends
notebook we had a similar problem of the install CD hanging and not
getting passed a point (during hardware detection) not matter how long
we left it. Luckily I had the 2004.1, 2004.3 and 2005.0 install cd's.
The 2004.1 install CD worked perfectly getting through all the
hardware detection. Once installed an emerge sync and a change in
profile and his install was sorted. So I dont know if you tried
different versions of the gentoo install cd but if not maybe track
down an older on? (2004.1 possibly).

Other than that I wish you luck. I would also cry if I had to use "the
distro that most wants to be like windows"  *sigh* ... hshsh sorry
couldnt resist.


On 6/1/05, Sad Jack <sadjack45@××××××××××.uk> wrote:
> Sad Jack wrote: > > Josh Hunholz wrote: > > > >>If you have FC3 up and running, why not just install Gentoo from that? > >>Make a new partition and copy the Gentoo tarball into it. Then chroot into > >>in and install! It's quite easy to do it that way. :) > >> > >>--Josh Hunhol > >> > >> > >> > >>>Sad Jack wrote: > >>> > >>> > >>>>Cliff Rowley wrote: > >>>> > >>>> > >>>> > >>>>>Sad Jack wrote: > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>>>Whenever I try and boot from the install CD (the same one used to > >>>>>>install on my desktop, the current universal 2005) installation hangs > >>>>>>after 'ok installing the kernel'. Nothing seems to happen, no disk > >>>>>>access (CD or Hard drive). > >>>>>> > >>>>>>I've tried other distros..Suse, Ubuntu, Puppy, the only one that gets > >>>>>>me > >>>>>>passed the above is Slackware 10.1 which goes through the complete > >>>>>>install but cannot write lilo to boot. Just says it can't write and > >>>>>>says > >>>>>>to do it manually. > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>>Is there some kind of boot or virus protection switched on in your BIOS? > >>>>>Perhaps something that prevents the boot loader from being > >>>>>overwritten? Although that doesn't explain the detection weirdness. > >>>>> > >>>>>Only thing I can think of, aside from some funky unsupported hardware. > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>>>I get the feeling that its at the hardware detection stage that is the > >>>>>>problem as live CD's when booted in failsafe load and work OK. I can't > >>>>>>find a failsafe option to boot Gentoo, is there one? > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>>>Hmm interesting. Maybe if you could boot Slackware 10.1 or boot the > >>>>>livecd's in failsafe and save your dmesg output it might provide some > >>>>>more insight (maybe). > >>>>> > >>>>> > >>>> > >>>>Thanks for the replies. > >>>> > >>>>some interesting suggestions there especially about the bios. Can't > >>>>check it just now as I'm mid way through installing Fedora Core 3 which > >>>>at least is installing the packages same as Slacware 10.1. Not got to > >>>>the stage where grub is written yet, so heres fingers crossed that at > >>>>least I will get some form of linux on this thing. > >>>> > >>>>I'll check out the bios as soon as it reboots > >>>> > >>>>Cheers > >>> > >>>OK > >>> > >>>FC 3 is loaded and running. Grub was installed and works fine. > >>> > >>>FC3 has not detected the graphics or the screen correctly and at the > >>>moment I am stuck with 800x600 resolution or lower. > >>> > >>>I would suggest at this stage its a hardware detection problem with the > >>>other distro and that FC3 is a little more accomodating! > >>> > >>>Its not my preferred install and I'll keep looking for a way to get > >>>gentoo so if there are any more suggestions, please keep them coming! > >>> > >>>By the way there is no settings in the bios that cause a problem with > >>>writing the bootloader. > >>> > >>>Thanks again > >>>-- > >>>gentoo-laptop@g.o mailing list > >>> > >>> > >> > >> > > > > > > Thanks Josh > > > > I've been away for a few days so things have not changed much! I'll give > > your suggestion a go. > > > A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to try and help me > with this install. Still no luck however! > > Everytime the installation starts to look for hardware it hangs just > after Ok installing the kernel. Josh I tried your suggestion but managed > to get myself in knotts and crashed and burned. Never mind. I'm still > learning. > > I was wondering, is there a way to pass a command to the install process > to tell it not to detect hardware? I feel sure this is the issue. As I > have to dual boot with XP for work reasons and wish to use gentoo for > personal ones, I don't need all the tricked out kit to run under gentoo. > Some simple apps under kde is all i need. I can always take my time > with the other stuff. > > Fedora is ok but..... > > > -- > gentoo-laptop@g.o mailing list > >
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