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Subject: [gentoo-laptop] Wich kernel to use for a laptop.
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 23:55:38
Message-Id: 1094860770.9212.0.camel@laptop.privada
I know that kernels are a wide field and that I can (and hope to) get a
large amount of responses.
I'm pretty much a n00b and till now I've used the gentoo-dev sources and
the nitro sources, I'm happy with both, nitro was fine for me until some
days ago my laptop started to heat more than usual, wich I'm not happy
with. emerge -s sources returns a large list with kernels. 

My question is: is there a kernel patchset designed for laptop users, or
is there one that works specially fine with them?

Please answer, if you use gentoo with a laptop tell me about your

Thank you.

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