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Subject: [gentoo-laptop] acpi freezes on resume Thinkpad T41
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 21:45:29

I tried to look this up and all I could find were old posts where the
solutions were outdated and did not work.

My thinkpad T41 is set up with acpid and it goes to sleep fine. However,
as soon as I open the lid. it works for a few seconds then freezes. 

I can't run any commands at all after I open the lid. The only think I
can do is hold down the power button and it shuts off after about 10

I followed this most up to date solution, and I also tried a few
variations from searches that I found, and is is always the same
results. freeze after I open the lid.

Does anybody know how I can solve this, or better yet, have an up to
date good quality set of action/event scripts for acpid on a Thinkpad


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