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From: Jordi Molina <warp3r@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-laptop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-laptop] yes to Intel PRO 2100, no to Madwifi
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 23:01:40
In Reply to: [gentoo-laptop] yes to Intel PRO 2100, no to Madwifi by Rob
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Hi Rob,

don't get me wrong, but atheros chipset can be more useful than intel.

I mean, it can look hardest to set up at the beginning but its entirely
hardware. I have ipw2100 on my laptop too, and i'm pretty happy with it:
it allows capturing packets and so on, it has a good range, but i won't
never use it as an AP chipset, why? because it uses system's cpu to to
make part of the job.

- - For personal computer use it's ok with ipw2100
- - If you want to set up an AP with linux, use Atheros or Prism54, but
the second one is hardest to find. For Atheros I recommend you the Senao
cards, they can be powered up wo 200 mW :P

Well, I go to sleep, it's late here... 'night!


Rob wrote:
> Hello guys, > > Well I have decided to concentrate my efforts on my internal mini-pci > card, the Intel PRO2100 WiFi, instead of an external Atheros based > Netgear card. Part of the decision was based on the fact that my Dell > technician said that this card was superior in range to many cardbus > based devices. I didn't know that the card even existed in my system > until the tech came to my house. I thought I had declined it as an > option when I bought the laptop. Haha. It works well in Windows- once > I typed in the giant HEX key for WEP. > > So I am wading through the Gentoo procedures required to get it working. > Fortunately there are ebuilds all set up for me. I will unmerge all > the Madwifi stuff. I will wait for Madwifi to mature before I try it > again. Retrieving distributions from CVS doesn't sound optimal for me. > I'm not that much of a computer genious, LOL. > > One thing I want to do is to eliminate all of the configuration files > that went along with the Madwifi driver and any associated tools. I > think I saw in the emerge manual some ways to find out what those files > were, or perhaps it was the Gentoo tools. > > Sincerely, Rob >
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