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From: Thomas Tuttle <thinkinginbinary@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-laptop] amd turion laptop with good linux support (but i run gentoo so good gentoo support is the point)
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 13:33:05
Message-Id: 20060127133208.GA23284@phoenix.local
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-laptop] amd turion laptop with good linux support (but i run gentoo so good gentoo support is the point) by Wojciech Polak
1 On January 27 at 08:51 EST, Wojciech Polak hastily scribbled:
2 > Don't buy Dell with Intel integrated graphics cards. I have Latitude
3 > D410 with no direct rendering ( 7.0 supports it but I can't install
4 > it).
6 I have a friend with the D510 and it works. Don't generalize. I would
7 suggest anyone looking at a laptop to find someone with the specific
8 model and find out whether stuff works.
10 > Kernel modules for energy saving slow down processor even if no
11 > deamon is installed (pure modprobe speedstep-centrino),
13 Centrino/Pentium-M rocks :-)
15 > external DVD
16 > recorder (USB) doesn't work with K3b on non root acount,
18 Most would be internal though.
20 > can't get to work MX1000,
22 Not really an issue with the laptop itself. I've got an MX310 (clearly
23 not as awesome, as 310 < 1000) and it works, though it doesn't have
24 wireless or anything.
26 > internal modem doesn't work.
28 Most don't. Mine works just enough to dial up; unfortunately all the
29 cool voice modem features don't work, so I can't turn my laptop into a
30 PBX.
32 > Yet I struggle with it with
33 > suicidal thoughts that I might migrate to Windows
35 Noooooooooo! There's always another way, it's not worth it! Use VMware
36 or something, but pleeeease! We need all the Linux geeks we can get!
37 :-)
39 > > another laptops that work great with linux are Dell, Sony or IBM, I
40 > > have had all of this and I never got into tuff trouble with their
41 > > hardware.
43 I am using an IBM laptop now (at an internship). It's not running
44 Linux, but FWIW it's almost indestructible, and I hear that the
45 fingerprint scanner and TPM chip both work with Linux. (It's so nice to
46 have a built-in crypto processor that the *user* controls!)
48 > > > Never buy a Gateway , I can't get 1024x768 on mine but in XP it's
49 > > > ok
51 I know someone who has a Gateway working under Linux. It was a while
52 ago so I don't remember the specifics.
54 > > > > I am in the near future looking to get a new laptop. I am
55 > > > > wanting to get a laptop that has complete linux support as much
56 > > > > as possible, ie even the email buttons etc. And one that has
57 > > > > nvidia not ati would be wonderful. Anyway, the graphics aren't
58 > > > > as important... anyone with any amd64 laptops please reply and
59 > > > > let me know how things are going....
61 I would look to someone that sells Linux laptops. LinuxCertified has an
62 AMD64 laptop IIRC.
64 I would also consider that the newest Pentium M chips (the Yonah ones,
65 now renamed Intel Core Duo) are dual-core, and that they are quite fast.
66 Someone tested them against an AMD64 and they were only a little weaker,
67 and in fact better at some tests.
69 I know you said you're not interested in chipsets, but just so you know,
70 graphics performance has about tripled between the Intel 855GM (the
71 lowest end graphics they have right now--it comes with Dothan Centrinos)
72 and the Intel 945GM (the highest end chipset one--it comes with Yonahs).
73 Personally I don't play enough games to make a discrete graphics card
74 worth the money, so I'm happy to hear this.
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78 (All those signatures--augh!)
80 --Thomas Tuttle