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From: Ingo Bormuth <ibormuth@××××.de>
To: Gentoo LISP Mailing List <gentoo-lisp@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-lisp] Weblocks Bug_[Scanned]
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 13:18:47
Message-Id: 1230642980.3192.26.camel@localhost
Hi lis[tp],

thank you for adding the overlay to layman, this makes it
much easier to convince others to actually use it :)

Being very happy to see weblocks arriving in the overlay I gave 
it a try and ran into the following noob annoying bug:

As stated during the discussion the stable mercurial tree has already
been fixed (but there is no new release). The relevant commit is:

Attached is a live ebuild for the stable mercurial branch
which can also be found at:;f=dev-lisp/weblocks

Happy new year, everybody


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