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Subject: [gentoo-lisp] hkBst relocating to Africa
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 14:06:40
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Dear fellow devs and users,

I am about to relocate to Abuja, Nigeria in Africa, because my wife has a new
job with UNICEF there. As a result I will be devaway for a while, potentially up
to the end of this year. As pchrist is still on military service this means that
scheme and common-lisp stuff will be in limbo for a bit. Stelian Ionescu
(fe[nl]ix) is a very active proxy-maintainer and I encourage you to consult him
if there are problems with the Common Lisp stuff. For Scheme perhaps araujo can
take that role. Both of them can usually be found in #gentoo-lisp as well as my
recruit chiiph who should join our ranks in 2010. Please feel free to take good
care of my packages ;P

I would also very much like to come into contact with any Gentoo users in
Nigeria (if there are any), especially those in Abuja and its surroundings. If
this is you, then please contact me.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to say that I am looking for a job that I
can do while located in Abuja. I have recently finished my Master's in
Mathematics, have a Bachelor's and a nearly finished Master's in Physics, and
have nearly 3 years experience as a Gentoo developer.

Thank you and see you on the other side,


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