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From: Sebastian Schubert <schubert.seb@××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-lisp@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-lisp] Missing symbols in clisp-2.43/base/readline.o?
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 10:43:11

I try to write an ebuild for xindy:

Since the new version 2.3 xindy offers to use an external lisp for
compiling which would be a nice thing for us Gentoo guys.  However,
there is a linking problem which I discussed (or better where I asked
for help) here:

To cut it short, the author of xindy expected
/usr/lib64/clisp-2.43/base/readline.o to include more symbols than I
have (every useflag activated!).

 The author:

% nm /usr/lib/clisp-2.43/full/readline.o |grep module__readline
00000000 T module__readline__constant_map_int
00000140 T module__readline__fini_function
00000130 T module__readline__init_function_1
00000150 T module__readline__init_function_2
00000004 C module__readline__object_tab
00000004 C module__readline__object_tab_initdata
00000004 S module__readline__object_tab_size
00000020 C module__readline__subr_tab
00000008 C module__readline__subr_tab_initdata
00000000 S module__readline__subr_tab_size


sebschub@tux ~ $ nm  /usr/lib64/clisp-2.43/full/readline.o |grep
0000000000000000 T module__readline__constant_map_int
00000000000000d2 T module__readline__fini_function
00000000000000d1 T module__readline__init_function_1
00000000000000d3 T module__readline__init_function_2
0000000000000004 B module__readline__object_tab_size
0000000000000000 B module__readline__subr_tab_size

Do you have any idea? I'm on a mostly stable amd64 system, my current
readline version is 5.2_p7. Is it a bug?

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