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From: Panagiotis Christopoulos <pchrist@g.o>
To: gentoo-lisp@l.g.o
Cc: treecleaner@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-lisp] First(1) attempt to clean-up the main tree from obsolete lisp packages (mainly dev-lisp/cl-*)
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 10:42:51
Message-Id: 20100909104234.GA12965@Vereniki.lan
Hello fellow lispers,

    I'm sending this mail to inform you about my wishfulness to start
procedures to clean up the main tree from many obsolete/problematic
packages[1] in order to provide some sort of easiness, working with
packages of the "lisp" herd.

    The Lisp Team is extremely understaffed these days. Our leader
(hkBst) has been away for long, me, I'm also not very much around cause of real
life problems and our new member chiiph has his own problems and noone
to motivate him to work for gentoo. But there is hope, as soon as
Stelian(fe[nl]ix) is here and new people(like Nicolas(Fulax) and
Dmitry(dzhus)) step up and help. 

    I would like to move the packages of that list[1] to a temporary
overlay(eg. using;a=summary ,
gentoo's infra provided for us) after a month of being masked for
removal. My plan is as follows:
1) Discussing the matter in gentoo-lisp ml
2) if you don't have any serious considerations, sending mail to
gentoo-dev about removing these packages ("Last Rites" etc.)and masking
them in profiles
3) After a month period, removing them from the main tree and moving them
to the temporary overlay
4) Fixing/bumping/porting our lisp implementations
5) Fixing/removing old lisp eclasses and porting the new ones
6) Check the status of our official overlay
7) Fix our Web page
8) Discuss what we're going to do with the old "Common lisp controller"
9) Start porting/moving packages from the official overlay to the main

    Before anyone starts to complain about the whole thing, please have
in mind that the bug queue of obsolete/problematic packages is huge and our
team gets many complaints from gentoo's QA team. Also, it's difficult
for any of us to prioritize his work/contributions when he has to deal
with so many bugs/old packages. 


ps1: the list is also attached to this mail
ps2: I've cc'd the Treecleaners alias for informative purposes

Panagiotis Christopoulos ( pchrist )
    ( Gentoo Lisp Project )


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