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From: Kumba <kumba@g.o>
To: gentoo-mips@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-mips] Status of Gentoo/MIPS developers
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 03:59:05
In Reply to: [gentoo-mips] Status of Gentoo/MIPS developers by Matt Turner
1 Matt Turner wrote:
2 > What are all the developers up to? has some interesting stats,
3 > mainly that everyone is totally inactive.
4 >
5 > Developer - Last Portage Commit Date
6 > kumba - Apr 17, 2009
7 > iluxa - Dec 13, 2009 (don't see any MIPS related commits?)
8 > peitolm - Dec 07, 2008 (don't see any MIPS commits?) (marked in
9 > devaway as coming back from vacation on 22nd April 2009...)
10 > redhatter - Oct 26, 2009
11 > ricmm - Mar 24, 2009 (marked in devaway as coming back within a month
12 > on 2009/08/17)
13 >
14 > I've seen kumba and redhatter on IRC, so I know they're around,
15 > somewhat. But where is everyone else?
16 >
17 > I'd really like to put Gentoo on my O2s, and can help out myself, but
18 > a couple active developers would be nice.
19 >
20 > Matt
22 I've just been tied up in job changes and buying a house and all the fun little
23 bits associated with that mess. I actually have my O2 somewhat updated, just
24 haven't looked at newer kernels yet.
26 Octane is dead right now. The bitrot finally consumed it, and while I got the
27 base code somewhat booting with clocksource and other bits, the death by INIT
28 hang stopped all development, since that kind of a bug is downright impossible
29 to debug on those systems.
31 I have an Origin 300 I'd like to eventually get Linux running on, but so few
32 people have access to those systems that the current code (2.6.29) can't
33 properly yank the MAC address out of the EEPROM on the things. It might be able
34 to boot to a ramdisk, but I never tried that far. I do have all the gear
35 necessary to make it available to anyone who wants a shot (serial switch w/ SSH
36 access, etc), just haven't finished plugging all the bits in just yet.
37 Efficiency wise, it'd destroy an Octane, which mine used to be a 550MHz R14000
38 that drew ~303W. The O300 pulls like, ~200W and has 4x 500MHz R14000 procs in it.
40 Indy, Indigo2, Unsure. Should still boot. R10000 I2 is probably still bootable
41 too.
43 Still o32 on the userland. n32 is probably gambler's luck at this point.
45 Hope that gives you some idea of the status on things. MIPS is moving more
46 towards embedded stuff, leaving the only "workstation" gear to be the old SGI
47 systems and for those lucky enough, Longsoon development hardware.
49 Cheers!,
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52 Joshua Kinard
53 Gentoo/MIPS
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